10 signs youre dating a manchild

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If you think you might be dating a man-child, keep an eye out for these s:. He can be an immature jerk. Why would he? He might even have the balls to call you out sometimes. Forget introducing him to your parents — you can barely take him out in public. His place has everything… except a kitchen table. Every date is casual. To him, being in a relationship is equivalent to having a friend with benefits.

You guys hang out at his place, watch movies, and occasionally hook up. No thanks. His emotions go back and forth! He flirts with anything that moves. He wants to keep you guessing. Instead of telling you straight up, he shows you by constantly flirting with other girls. He either gets super quiet or pissed off. Oh, and fighting with a man-child is brutal. Laziness can be contagious — you need to leave him before he drags you down. You always have to nag him to get crap done.

Hell no! They go gallivanting around the city pulling pranks, drinking too much and peeing in public places. He needs a mother, not a girlfriend. His mom still does his laundry — enough said! You can tell your boyfriend is a man-child by his low-key sexist ideologies. He thinks only women can cook and clean, and he expects that from you. Take a step back and get some perspective, before you end up his permanent caregiver.

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10 signs youre dating a manchild

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33 s You're Dating A Man Child