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If those stats are to be believed, the perfect speed-dating technique might involve emitting a low growl before leaping on to your date's table and thrusting suggestively. When I went speed dating, I decided against using this approach. I imagine I would have been thrown out pretty sharpish if I'd behaved like an animal, which made me wonder why dating events never seem to have any security guards.

If speed dating followed the example set by most modern mating rituals - ie getting very drunk and having a quick fumble - surely a couple of bouncers wouldn't go amiss? Especially as the venue was usually a bustling nightclub, albeit one that had been transformed to accommodate the night's proceedings. As I entered the arena - for speed dating is a modern-day gladiatorial event of sorts - a cold fear gripped me. Everyone was dressed in suits. It seemed they were treating the event like an interview. Or lo of interviews all at the same time. I was off to a bad start. As a deer, I don't really wear suits.

The odds were stacked against me; I needed banter of the purest grade. Absolute speed dating what sharp repartee could I deliver in less than three minutes, with no knowledge of the person's tastes, sense of humour or background? Because that's by and large how I approach potential partners; I'll get to know them, discover their weaknesses and then attack! It was nerve-wracking, but also strangely alluring in the concentration of its adrenaline rush.

Humour is probably my strongest weapon. The Ahmed gene Absolute speed dating didn't bless me with either a Pitt-like body or a Clooney-style boat race, but it may have dished out a wee bit of Corbett-style comedy. And if you've ever seen Corbett reclining in his chair and telling a tale, it's at least seven minutes long. Not three. And 10 seconds of that has to be: "Hi, how are you? No time to waste - can't even get a good look at the person you're talking to as that will take at least 30 seconds. Rather than waste all that valuable time staring into someone's eyes, whispering sweet nothings, it's better to launch into a short anecdote about travelling to the venue, the trials and tribulations of circumnavigating hordes and buskers.

Or worse, hordes of buskers. Smile a lot and hold eye contact, don't shuffle your feet while looking distractedly at the floor. Shake hands and then it's goodbye, sailing off to the distant table two feet away and recreating the same ambience.

Within earshot. I couldn't even digest whether I'd made a good impression in that timeframe, let alone judge the woman across from me. And yet in between every slot I had to give the woman still two feet away marks out of So the trick is to make a good impression, make a connection and fill out a spreheet - all in three minutes.

If smash and grab is your style, that should be all you need to create the perfect air of mystique and secure a second date. Judging by the furious swapping of s at the end of the event, it worked for lots of people. Miraculously, I did manage to meet one rather nice lady myself. The funny thing was, it was in the bar afterwards; I hadn't spoken to her before then. I think it was my Corbett-style humour that won her over. Guide to dating Dating. Speed dater: 'People treat it like an interview'. Thu 29 Jan Topics Dating Guide to dating Relationships features.

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Absolute speed dating

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Speed dater: 'People treat it like an interview'