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A gift has been made to the Her Vote. Her Voice. Thank you to all of our donors! Forever in my heart. Sandra Aldrich - I would like to honor my mother because she is the strongest women I have ever met. She is someone that can take on any challenge that comes her way and accomplish it better than anyone. After raising two daughters; she took on the responsibility to raise her grandson and granddaughter without hesitance, giving up her and her husbands' retirement years. She also should be honored for her achievements in academics, graduating from Huron University in '97 with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management during the raising of her oldest daughter, also while pregnant with her second during her graduating year of '97, and all while managing the family farm.

We all appreciate you and thank you for all you've done. Eileen Anderson - In honor of her community service to deaf and hard of hearing children. She was honored as the Aberdeen Sertoman of the Year and has done much to benefit children who are deaf or hard of hearing. She graduated from Lemmon High School in Nora and her husband Jim Anderson raised Beautiful women seeking nsa Pierre children on their ranch south of Lemmon. Sharon Anderson - In honor of her contributions to soil conservation efforts and promoting the use of native grasses for grazing. Patricia Aquino - Patricia is my mother ,She is the hardest worker I've met in my life.

Near the end of the conflict, she helped historian Ray Stannard Baker document the war, which he would turn into an 8-volume history text. After moving to the Black Hills, she began teaching summer English courses for Spearfish Normal School in and moved to a full time teaching position that fall.

Upon her death, all Beautiful women seeking nsa Pierre her books were donated to the creation of a library. Her will charged the city to build such a space, leading to the first public library in Spearfish, the library that now bears her name. Helen Sederstrom Barney retired from the U. Before going to Washington, D. She taught at Bixby, S. D, Moorcroft, Wyo. Fromthe family ranched near Scenic, S. After retirement inshe returned to her home in Rapid City to care for her father.

Barbara Bell - Thank you Barb for always being the "Go to person" at Rustin Avenue- your dedication and thoughtfulness has kept our congregation going. Dorine is an active member of national and regional health information management associations and has earned Fellowship status in the American Health Information Management Association. Prior to coming to DSU, she worked in the health information management field in long term care, community health, and acute care settings. She was a true Renaissance woman — a miner, a nationally published poet, a teacher, a wife, and a mother. She and her sister Maude apprehended a con artist who was cheating passengers of their money on the train taking the two sisters to their mining claim in Colorado.

Beautiful women seeking nsa Pierre

They held him at bay with their six guns until they turned him over the US Marshal in Denver. Her last career stop was as Dean of Women at the Madison normal school, now Dakota State University, which she held until her death. Scyller J. Borglum - For her leadership as State Representative; District After my mom was killed by a drunk driver she took over helping my dad take care of me and my brother whom was injured in the accident and became depended on my grandma for help!

She was the glue in our family thru everything! As of April 1st it will be 2 yrs since we lost her she would be of been 96 and she lived on her own til she was 92! Dorothy Brewick - Rowdy has been a vibrant voice for women's issues for years. She and I have done women's circles in Rapid City for 25 years and she has been a tireless speaker about this history of women in our state. She is being featured on SDPB for short vignettes about women's history. She is so deserving of recognition. She is my friend, my colleague and a champion for women's rights. Karen Brodersen - For raising me to be the women I am today.

For her constant love and support no matter what I do. She taught me to be kind and compassionate and I will forever be grateful for her. Lee founded the first all female law firm in Sioux Falls and modernized the systems of child abuse and neglect cases and cases of involuntary commitments in Sioux Falls.

Christine A. Carter - Served on numerous boards of community organizations, plus 32 years at Watertown Public Opinion. Christine also headed up Kids Voting for years. She mentored younger military wives, supported multitudes of local charities, and served in numerous roles with the Boys and Girl Scouts of America.

To the world she was a mother, to us she was the world. Opal Cartney - This mother of six grew up in South Dakota during the "dirty thirties. She was not only South Dakota's first female social worker and first non-Catholic single woman to adoptbut she was a driving force behind so many enduring nonprofit organizations in the Sioux Falls area, including the now statewide Helpline. Greta Chapman is Beautiful women seeking nsa Pierre to recognizing the accomplishments of South Dakotans both past and present through her leadership of the SD Hall of Fame.

She le the charge to inspire us all to chase our dreams and make a positive impact. Constance Borlaug Cleveland - Connie was a strong assertive voice for the rights and honoring of women in SD. Widowed when their children were still at home, this loving sister and daughter freely gave two years of her life to be a caregiver, first for her sister-in-law and then for her father.

Kathryn did not despair but, instead, took charge of the family's destiny and became an LPN at Avera Mckennan Hospital. Later, in her 50's, she earned her RN degree despite never having been to college. Amidst these difficulties, Kathryn managed to raise six children three boys and three girls all of whom earned college degrees and professional careers. Kathryn was a strong and determined woman who passed on that same strength and determination to her children who are proud to honor her by placing her name on this wall.

Marty taught government at Elk Point High School for many years. After obtaining her degree, she moved to Pierre, where she ultimately served as program administrator for the Office of Recoveries and Investigations for the Department of Social Services. Amy Crissinger - In honor of her longtime dedication to Dakota State and its students. Amy has served in a variety of positions at Dakota State beginning with Admissions Counselor in In that position, she is responsible for the recruitment and enrollment of undergraduates at DSU.

Each year she develops Beautiful women seeking nsa Pierre enrollment plans in collaboration with the academic and student affairs departments, as well as the marketing and athletics departments, and the DSU Foundation. Additionally, she partners with online education, international programs, graduate programs, and ITS to implement recruitment systems and enrollment Beautiful women seeking nsa Pierre. She is also serving as interim Vice President for Student Affairs.

Amy is driven to recruit and enroll the many students of DSU. Her drive impacts both the university and the state of South Dakota by preparing the youth for the future through enrollment in higher education. Amy helps students find their future paths through higher education. Marcene DeBoer - Marcene was a woman of class and grace. She went above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome wherever she was. She loved crafts and often we collaborated way into the night on various projects for family or church. She was full of wonderfully creative ideas. She wasn't afraid to "act like a kid" and would run around with swords with my son when he was little.

I will never forget her kindness. Cassandra Deffenbaugh - For outstanding leadership during the global pandemic and for being an amazing daughter and mother of three beautiful girls. Cassandra is driven, compassionate, and always shows kindness and respect to others. She is a strong woman who has the ability to accomplish anything she sets her mind to. She stands tall with confidence like her father before her. Cassie is a registered nurse and holds a Master's of Science in Nursing, specialization in Nursing Administration.

Patricia J. Judy Dittman - In honor of her longtime service and dedication to Dakota State and its students. Over her 41 years at Dakota State Dr. Over the years Judy has continually advocated and encouraged DSU students and student athletes, often keeping in touch with them after their graduation. Linda K. Duba - For her leadership as State Representative; District Veronica Duffy - First female U. District Court Magistrate Judge. Sheila Dykstra - Shortly after moving to South Dakota, not having family or friends here, my family was accepted into this family to celebrate holidays and all types of momentous occasions.

Beautiful women seeking nsa Pierre

Sheila was my Lamaze coach and was there for the birth of my second son. She entrusted me to sit and watch her mom as she was dying of cancer. There is always time for a teaching moment when in the presence of her. She was the first female state trooper in South Dakota and she has been a great mentor and friend for nearly 30 years.

She was born in in Fairburn, SD. She grew up on the third-generation farm near Britton and graduated from SDSU with a major in journalism. Inshe started a year career with the Aberdeen American News, starting as a beat reporter. She moved up the ranks and was managing editor, editor, and executive editor before retiring as Vice President and Executive Editor of the American News in Through the years, she took many aspiring journalists under her wing. Her big heart and quiet, yet determined, personality encouraged her teammates to make themselves and the newspaper the best it could be.

Isla Ellis - Isla is my daughter. Karen Espeland - Loving mother, wife, and grandmother. Ione Fejfar - Ione has been a community supporter of many projects in Custer and an inspiration to many women.

Beautiful women seeking nsa Pierre

Her work with Operation Black Hills Cabin has been a gift to hundreds of veterans and their families. Her institutional knowledge must be unmatched. But more importantly, her kindness that she has endowed to me during and after my clerkship is what resonates. Vola Fiel - As my mom she did everything she could to make my childhood great. Even when money was tight she was always doing what she could to make sure my siblings and myself had what we needed.

At the age of 49 she suffered a massive heart attack. More recently she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she just had surgery and will be undergoing radiation. But even through all of the things that have happened my mom has never complained. She taught me that you take your bat and knock that curve ball out of the park. She is an inspiration to all you know her.

Beautiful women seeking nsa Pierre

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