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If you're upset with your love life of late or feel like you're better at solving chemistry problem sets than developing chemistry with another student, help may be just a few short clicks away. A slew of dating websites has begun sprouting up around Harvard's campus, each with its own twist, but all with one common goal: to connect students with their potential soulmates. Available at Harvard, BU, Tufts, and MIT, this site claims to be best for students who are looking for anything from a friend or a date to a "booty call" or a "green card.

Harvard students are certainly taking notice of Date My School, ing up for the site at a rate that would leave Mark Zuckerberg impressed. According to Alexa, about 5 percent of the University registered in a single weekend. The founders of Date My School have focused their efforts on overcoming the negative connotations that are usually associated with online dating.

Everyone needs to find a partner. Why wouldn't we use these tools that we have to help us? Alexa compared online dating to writing a book with Microsoft Word as opposed to a typrwriter. Date My School aims to eliminate three typical issues with online dating websites: safety, inefficiency, and embarrassment. Users are required to have an address from their respective college to access the site. From there, the site offers a of ways in which a person's dating pool can be narrowed according Bu dating site his preferences. If a user is embarrassed to be using the Bu dating site, he can opt to only be viewable to other users who lie outside of his network.

According to Alexa, dates have been arranged using the site in a matter of a few hours. Matches are also being formed on Date Harvard SQa website created by Harvard Business School alumni Beri Meric and Philipp Triebel after they "realized that all too often, our friends, classmates and alumni were sacrificing romance for their education and careers.

The duo created a second website, IvyDateto allow love-searching students to get in touch with current students and alumni at the eight Ivy League schools, as well as MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, and the London School of Economics. A student's friends can help him find love with nChooseTwo. This site lets students suggest that two of their friends go on a date with one another. In a world becoming more and more connected through the internet, the development of online dating websites increases the opportunities that students have to interact with one another.

Only time will tell whether or not relationships will develop as well. Date Harvard SQ Advertisement. Follow Flyby online.

Bu dating site

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