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Due to its user-friendly interface and privacy, the Kik messaging app is a fan favorite. Providing users with the ability to meet new people without sharing their phone s with strangers. What would you do if the same yet amazingly tasty food were offered to you every day? The same goes for the chat app Kik. While this app is one of the best chat applications to date, people appear to be searching for alternatives to this feature. Here are the 10 best chat applications like Kik. While Kik has been around for some time now, fans may want to move to another messaging device.

Every day, with more and more networking apps available; it can be hard to find out which one is right for you. Many people may usually find themselves gravitating toward the messaging app that carries much of their contacts and fellow chatters. Android iOS. Among the most commonly used IM device in the industry. To get started, download the desktop app, or go to web. Some of the most intimate moments are shared on WhatsApp, which is why they have incorporated end-to-end encryption into the new versions of our app. Once encrypted end-to-end, your messages and calls are protected in such a way that only you and the person you talk with can read or listen to them and no one in between, not even WhatsApp.

Send PDFs, documents, spreheets, slideshows, and more, without the hassle of or file-sharing apps. Another big winner in the mobile messaging app world. Viber lets users make multiple texts to other Viber users and also voice and HD video calls. Also, Viber people can make calls to all other Viber members from different countries rendering this service an amazing and powerful medium for communication.

Viber software runs on various messaging devices including smartphones, laptops, and desktops. So users of Viber can choose to use the device they are most at ease with. Viber enables its customers to communicate with other Viber members through 3 G connectivity or Wi-Fi, free of use of the service.

Whenever you Chat sites like kik to get ViberOut credits for calls, you can your. Viber gives you lots of stickers and emoticons, you can install complete sets for free and there are some paid versions that make your interactions more entertaining. LINE messenger will host over million active users. LINE messenger is increasing fast with characteristics and services.

There is an option of group video calls available, you can add filters to add more fun to your conversations. It has a sticker for practically every possible emotion! It helps to conserve your bandwidth. For those who use restricted internet service plans, LINE messenger should certainly be tried as it provides compression of the service being sent.

Should the need be, non-Wi-Fi users may adjust the quality of media files that are sent? Like Snapchat, you can set your messages to disappear automatically after a certain time. The time can be as small as 2 seconds, and 2 weeks as long. The server of LINE will begin removing the messages from its servers. This function allows you to send messages that contain confidential messages or images that you only want to see from the recipient, without reluctance.

The regular group chats are stuff from the past now when you have a service that allows you with a group call feature. Now you can call your entire group using the community chat to call them! The fact that you can message and speak on a messenger group with up to folks, at the same time, sets LINE messenger apart from the rest! You can chat with several friends by creating a community, adding all of them to the community and holding a party for text. If you want more personal experience then you can use the FaceTalk function in the app to video call your mate.

WeChat is more like a discovery platform for new friends than a regular chat platform. This helps you to make calls, video calls and send messages to friends however the best thing that comes with WeChat is the shake to discover new friends. This helps the software much more fun and very engaging to use. The app facilitates all types of messaging, including speech, video, and social calls, as well as regular text and picture communications.

The app manages to be flexible enough for company and casual use but the opportunity to meet new people for chatting is the best Kik-replacement feature. The top features a search bar and a tab-based inbox GUI, active users, community comments, and calls. The simple chat GUI is nevertheless tidy, with a good, bright blue-on-white theme.

There are various choices to select from for sending messages from within each chat line. You can activate a voice or video call to any user at the top of the Messaging interface, making it possible to reach anyone irrespective of their preferred operating system. Although Snapchat relies heavily on sending images and videos, the app can also be used to send chats to other users, which will automatically delete themselves after viewing the message.

Privacy is a big consideration in the usage of Snapchat, so the deletion of images, videos so text allows it a very fascinating option among consumers worldwide. The features of Snapchat have been copied by dozens of social and messaging apps, including the Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Messenger apps that directly implement Stories as their own feature, but no app has built up a feature set as great as Snapchat itself.

Compared to peers, one way this app falls: it is a little easier to reach new users without exchanging usernames or snap codes. Fortunately, online communities — even in contexts such as Reddit — exist for such a case. While apps such as WeChat and WhatsApp are vulnerable to security flaws, Web security experts such as the EFF recommend al to keep your messages safe and secure against leaks and data hacks. And notorious whistleblower Edward Snowden himself has suggested and supported the software on several occasions, so you can be confident that the software is being tested for protection.

MeWe boasts of Chat sites like kik another social media program competitive with Facebook, which is another Kik option that you can find. Completely free with no advertising or propaganda, this networking software provides social conversations, calls, GIF production options, and more! A special aspect of MeWe is the developers emphasize that there is no abuse of newsfeeds. Users are not essentially being censored which can be a good or a bad thing. MeWe is a lightweight application that drains batteries just like some of the other options that we mentioned.

MeWe is not a superbly popular program, unlike Kik, so it could take some friends and connections to make the move. Instagram is arguably probably the most commonly used social media device in the world. Becoming a popular Instagram influencer will earn millions. And it should come as no surprise to anyone that Facebook has acquired this popular IM app.

Instagram is primarily a common alternative to Kik since it is also one of the safest free IM applications available. You can also watch short videos and share memes on Instagram along with the basic functions of any other IM app that includes free photo sharing, free texting, free video calls, free group video calling.

Situated in San Fransisco, Wickr launched in as a unique and interesting instant messenger. The individuals at Wickr have guaranteed that Wickr is the most secure IM accessible at this point. Each American inspector and all International reviewers have given Wickr full checks about security. You can also send media files to your connections with Wickr, without leaving any trace.

Wickr also lets you apply filters and edit your image before submitting it. To find and connect your friends who use Wickr, a quick search is all you need to do. It can be dull to use that same app for months. Kik is one of the best messaging services but people are looking for apps like Kik because Chat sites like kik the misuse of this app. Few people are trying to Chat sites like kik the privacy and spam communities of other Kik users. The above-mentioned apps give you an experience similar to, but better than Kik. So, seek them and enjoy good chatting!

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