Dating someone of another race

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As a strong-willed, straight-passing, non-binary biracial girl, I've had people tell me they expected my partner to be a jockish white guy. My partner is dark-skinned and strangers often assume we're siblings or mates — even when we hold hands in public. When I'm out with white guy friends, it's different. People automatically assume we're together. Being in a long-term, loving partnership with a person of colour with similar values is something Dating someone of another race cherish. From the outside looking in, I'm sure it can be tempting to think being in a relationship with a fellow person of colour makes things easier.

But racial difference, especially when combined with class and religious difference, can still cause strain. I spoke with three interracial couples on some challenges they've encountered in their relationships — and how they're making things work. Miranda, 30, a non-binary Sydney-based Filipino community arts worker has been with Vietnamese-Chinese Cabramatta chef Nghi for 10 years. Nghi, also 30, says he sometimes passes for Filipino when he and Miranda are out in Western Sydney. But even with his extensive culinary experience, he still fails to please Miranda's parents with his attempts at authentic Filipino sweets.

Despite this, Nghi says the best thing about their relationship is the fact they "don't have that much in common". That got boring quickly," he says. It was refreshing to be with someone who was not afraid to challenge me.

Having grown up in an open-minded Vietnamese family in Cabramatta, with a thriving pre-pandemic career as a chef, Nghi's easygoing, extroverted nature initially appeared to be at odds with Miranda's. Yet it seems their different interests and personalities has sustained their relationship through a decade. Or invite someone to a party even if they might say no because he knows they still want to be asked. Lisa, 35, is of mixed Aboriginal and Asian background, and sometimes passes for South-East Asian in Aboriginal communities, while Akeem, 40, says he's regarded Dating someone of another race a visibly blak Aboriginal man.

He has a great sense of humour and a good division of labour. I tend to work outside more and he's totally fine doing the cooking and cleaning. Sophie, 25, and Nat, 24, are a queer couple who first met on Facebook then hung out at university. Sophie is an Australian-born-and-bred Chinese girl, whose religious parents grew up in Southern China and then migrated to Australia.

Non-binary Nat is Sinhalese-Chinese, and grew up in Singapore, where they witnessed instances of racism towards Mainland Chinese people. But Nat says they "didn't bear the brunt of discrimination against brown-skinned people". I was living with them then and had to move out. They don't know that Nat and I got back together. They still want me to marry a guy and have babies. Nat's parents know about Sophie and take a relaxed approach to the relationship. Initially, Nat's father had concerns about homophobic backlash from Sophie's parents. My and my friends' parents are OK with premarital sex and cohabitation before marriage.

For Lisa, while racism has been present, it hasn't overwhelmed her interactions with Akeem's family. I take comfort and inspiration from my parents' loving and respectful interracial Aboriginal and Asian relationship. From their experience, however, these couples have observed that relationships allowing for independence and shared growth, stimulation and solace, and trust and honesty will go the distance.

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Dating someone of another race

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Should Race or Skin Color Affect Who You Date