Dating vintage trifari jewelry

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As Jewelry Shopping Guide editors, we write about things that we love and we think you'll like too. We often have affiliate partnerships, and may generate some revenue from these links at no cost to you. One of the most popular and sought-after vintage jewelry brands, Trifari was known for its high quality and fashion forward costume jewelry des. Highly respected, Trifari had a loyal client base, from celebrities to the everyday woman.

The company began by creating jewelry for actors in Hollywood, which raised the profile of the brand. When renowned French jewelry deer Alfred Philippe formerly at Dating vintage trifari jewelry Cleef and Arpels brought his expertise to the table, Trifari was transformed. Philippe brought techniques that he had developed for his company, such as the use of invisible settings for gemstones. These new techniques made Trifari jewelry distinguished and unique. Today, many collectors look for authentic early Trifari des ed by Philippe himself.

These still have high value and collectability. Mary Jane Russell, a fashion model, endorses Trifari in this ad campaign from the 50s. During the war, like all other jewelry brands, Trifari was forced to switch to different metals due to restrictions of materials. However, after the war when restrictions on metals were removed, Trifari switched back to using inexpensive, base metals.

However, because customers like the look of silver, Trifari began to use a base metal that could be polished to achieve a silver-like luster, which they called Trifarium. Trifari continued to grow as a brand but was acquired by Hallmark in and later was purchased by Liz Clairborne, along with another top vintage brand Monet Jewelry. Trifari as a stand-alone brand no longer exists, making vintage Trifari all the more valuable. Trifari specialised in imitation and costume jewelry that was deed with high quality finishes and in creative, fashion-forward styles to mimic fine jewelry.

Here are the main characteristics of Trifari:. Trifari jewelry was crafted out of inexpensive materials deed to look like luxurious jewelry. Here are some:. While Trifari has lasted almost a century and has jewelry des that are still relevant, there are a few specific pieces that are especially sought after by collectors. These include:. Frog jelly belly brooch with ed certificate of authenticity. See it here. Elaborate floral brooch by Trifari. Basically, a Clip-Mate was a brooch that could be separated and worn as two separate dress clips. Sometimes, one of the pieces could be worn as a pendant too, like this gorgeous patented Trifari Clip-Mate deed by Philippe.

Today Trifari jewelry has two main functions — one as a collectible for vintage costume jewelry collectors, and the other as accessories for vintage costume jewelry lovers. You can find pieces that would be right at home in the 21 st century. The metalwork and intricate des still catch the eye. With Trifari, you can find jewelry to suit any style and taste. The stamp changed slightly over time, with a crown added and then removed from the basic logo. The stamped changed somewhat over time. Authentic Trifari jewelry will have one of the following hallmarks:.

Examples of Trifari Jewelry stamps and hallmarks. There may be slight variations on the stamps listed above, but if the piece is genuine, it should contain a stamp. You can find Trifari jewelry on estate and vintage specialist stores. Depending on the Dating vintage trifari jewelry used, the quality of the piece and the demand, prices can vary. You may also like.

Dating vintage trifari jewelry

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