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In fact, even if it is a Vanilla Agreement! I think EVERY relationship would find tremendous benefits in sitting down and codifying what they agree to as Domestic discipline relationship blog roles and responsibilities, and the desires and expectations they have of themselves and of the other person. That process is nothing short of mind-blowing! Even if, after you go through it, you trash the Agreement. The process requires a level of communication, transparency, and. You know it. You are already saying it. Although, the more of the latter in a relationship, Domestic discipline relationship blog more of the former you present to each other!

You might say that this is just stupid. Well, words are power, and, I know you are, but what am I? WordPress made a mess of the ing and other formatting. Thanks, WordPress! Whereas Michael and Jennifer voluntarily and without pressure from the other or from anyone else, are entering into a loving, caring, and consensual agreement to codify and reinforce their commitments, duties, and obligations to one another for Domestic discipline relationship blog Purpose stated below.

No limits. No conditions. No judgments. I admire, respect, cherish, and love all that you are and all that you do for me and our family. I commit to always treating as you wish to be treated. Thank you for the immeasurable trust and confidence you place in me. Most importantly, thank you for loving me. I intend to consistently adhere to your wishes in helping you live the life you strive to live and to be the person you strive to be.

Words will never fully express my thanks, joy, admiration, fulfillment, and love that I receive from you and feel towards you every second of every day. I wholeheartedly enter into this Agreement with you as yet another chapter in my desire to submit to you. I look forward to consistently making choices that fulfill all my commitments to you with your leadership to guide me, lift me, and correct me when I do not.

I dedicate myself to you as my love, respect, and trust in you are without end. It is my unqualified intent to be able to you for any and all of my behaviors. Thus we created a written agreement. You can read Post where I go over that history in the first few paragraphs. Our newest agreement is shaping up to be similar to the current one, thus I would classify it as a 3. Sure, there is an element of that, but, the exercise is more of an updating, validating, and reinforcing of our commitments to each other.

This exercise requires completely open and honest discussion about our needs and desires. No hidden agenda, no keeping chips in our back pocket, or any other common negotiation tactics. His gains are my gains, my gains are his gains, and losses hurt both of us. Maybe you can help? An attempt to discover facets of our relationship and of ourselves that we want to explore, codify, and outwardly commit to.

We sit down and discover ways to enhance what we are doing and adjust our agreement accordingly. I kind of like that. Open to your thoughts. Words can have different meaning to different people. They set a narrative in our mind as to what we think was truly meant by the other person. While this word is not that big of deal in the overall context of our Domestic Discipline, it illustrates that every word in our agreement should receive the same scrutiny.

The result — we are both highly calibrated as to the needs and expectations of the other. I believe this calibration is the foundation of our success in DD. Each time we go over our agreement one of the first things we tell each other is that it seems more intricate than it needs to be. If you can communicate fully in fewer words, fine. We both have come to adhere to the Agreement as a reflex, like breathing. Do we really need to write it down anymore to remember what is expected?

I say, Yes! Mike agrees. That process is invaluable. In fact, other than very early in our DD, the agreement itself is rarely looked at. Do you want to start that today? My point is, I know some will say an agreement is unnecessary. For me, it was absolutely necessary and a critical part of our foundation to a successful DD dynamic.

As with every part of your relationship — go with what works for the both of you. We each took a copy of the current agreement and went through it and made our own notes and circling things we wanted to discuss. We then sat down and talked through those notes. This is to ensure I have no influences over expressing myself other than my own personal choices. That was a joke. He is nothing of the sort, and our sessions are all positive! It puts our focus on what we need to codify in order to have a fulfilling and purposeful DD relationship going forward.

Thus, we end up not making nearly as many edits as we thought we would. My DD 3. Domestic Discipline Contract Version 3. Next: Our Domestic Discipline Contract, version 3. Several notable things occurred in that time. Look at me, look at me! Around February 4, I went over 2 million total views since inception of my blog in April I hit a million in Sep I am in awe. It feels a bit weird. I never intended, and never thought, it would come to this. I went into this with no plan to post anything after my first dozen posts.

Yet, here we are! I think about blogs I follow and why. Some people write in a way that beckons me into their thoughts or world. I follow blogs ranging from fitness, to fashion, to homemaking. It seems people write because they are compelled to write, readers be damned. The joy in writing comes across in many blogs. I hope it does in mine. I like sharing the goings on in my life. Thank you for reading. I will continue to post whenever the urge to do so is there. That way I can continue to deliver only the finest quality posts worthy of your time and benefiting Domestic discipline relationship blog mind.

Such as only the best posts about orgasm denial you could ever hope to read. Anyway, thank you. It does stroke the ego to know that there is enough perv in people to take interest in my life. Covid hit home with our middle son, affectionally referred to as T2 on this blog, coming down with Covid.

He lives in the San Diego area. I think I shared that before. After college he got a great job there. Anyway, he lives with his girlfriend and another roommate. Overall they were being cautious but, everyone seems to justify their own reasonable exceptions here and there.

Well anyway, their roommate took one too many exceptions and brought Covid home to all of them. Their roommate had mild symptoms, fever and aches, that lasted about three days. T2 had the same, except he lost the ability to taste and smell and it has not yet returned. They say it can take a long time for that to return. She had a fever for 10 straight days, all in the range.

She had a little trouble breathing the first two nights, but self treated with inhalers and nebulizer.

Domestic discipline relationship blog

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