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If you are interested in adopting one of these beautiful creatures please ! Phone: or adoption oahuspca. Our animals have been rescued from living on the streets and are in desperate need of the extra special care and love that can be given to them by you as a Adoptive parent. This form and a consultation with an Oahu SPCA representative are deed to help you find the dog or cat most compatible with your lifestyle. This is necessary in order to match the right animal to you for adopting.

So, please fill out the following information as completely as possible. Once Free dogs in oahu have seen a dog that you are interested in adopting, you can fill out an adoption application on our website. We do not adopt our animals on a first come first serve basis. All applications do have to be approved by our adoption team members. For more information, please contact the shelter at or adoption oahuspca. We have adoption events each weekend and some of these pets may be at those events on Saturday and Sunday. Call or text to ask where that particular pet is on those days.

We can only report what we observe or have been told by source. Times by appointment only. Tuesday through Saturday: 8am-5pm. To be considered as an Adopter, you must: Be 21 years of age or older Have identification showing your present address Have the knowledge and consent of your landlord Be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide medical treatment and proper care for your animal. Animal's name? Dog Cat. First Last.

Enter Confirm. Save and Continue Later Caution: may not always work. Rent Own Live With Relative. Yes No. No, I do not have moving plans. Please enter a from 0 to Full time Part time Not Employed. Self employed I have an employer. Cat s Dog s No. Age of pet. of years owned. Do you still own this pet? If no longer own, explain why. Other Info? Does any member of your household have an allergy to animals?

Indoors Outdoors. Do you anticipate them adjusting well? Why or why not? I certify that this information is true. I understand that giving false information on this application is grounds for denying my application. This a legally binding agreement between Oahu SPCA and the Adoptive Parents for the purpose of protecting the rights of our animals and providing them with a proper home with the approved Adoptive Parent.

Oahu SPCA has two types of adoption programs. Please indicate which type of adoption you prefer. Traditional Adoption: This level agrees to adopt the animal and you will be the adoptive parent the moment you leave the premises with the animal. You will be assuming all responsibility for the care and wellbeing of the animal immediately, the microchip information will be transferred and the adoption will be finalized.

During which time you will assume the responsibility for the care and wellbeing of the animal but you are able to return the animal within 1 week with a full refund of adoption fees. For Foster-To-Adopt program: The fee is held as a deposit and will be fully refunded if the animal is returned within one week. The Adoptive Parent release Oahu SPCA and its directors, founders, employees, officers, agents, representatives, contractors, volunteers, successors, and ass from all liability arising from the behavior or actions of the animal.

This includes lone acts of or omissions by the Adoptive Parent as well as the combined acts of the Adoptive Parent with others. The Adoptive Parents shall not in any circumstances abandon, give away animal to another shelter, entity or person, or allow the animal to run away. The Adoptive Parent shall not surrender the animal to an Animal Care and Control or law enforcement officer.

The Adoptive Parent will not permit this animal to run at large or become a public nuisance. The Adoptive Parent is not responsible for any present or future illnesses of this animal or any damage the pet may do to any person, animal Free dogs in oahu property. The Adoptive Parent agrees that in the event that any clause provision of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such clause provision shall not otherwise affect the remaining provisions of this Agreement.

This is the entire Agreement between parties and supersedes any other verbal or written statements, representations or promises. The Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Hawaii. Any disputes under this Agreement will be resolved in Honolulu County, Hawaii. All disputes under this Agreement will be settled by binding arbitration.

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Free dogs in oahu

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