Fuck Buddy in Snowbird Salt Lake UT

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My brother, a friend, and I are planning a trip out west this year and are debating between the above two. Some questions to assist the descision. What is it like at Alta or Snowbird on a powder day? Is it just over flowing with people? Lines beyond belief? How busy is Bigsky with or without powder? Big Sky has much rocks, even with "good" coverage, but minimal people. Big Sky also has pretty much zero nightlife. If they've got a base under ", plan on destroying at least one pair of skis.

You can score cheap hotels in SLC, locked into expensive ones at Big Sky, unless you do the long bus shuttles to Big Sky from Bozeman, which can take a couple hours, pretty easy. Get out a map and do some research. If you stay near the base of either canyon i.

Fuck Buddy in Snowbird Salt Lake UT

Find BigSky. Is there anything else to ski nearby or via public transpo? You will have to research their names. The web is a powerful tool. I guess you're right on this if you consider Moonlight Basin as being part of Big Sky, but MLB certainly tends to consider themselves to be a separtate and less expensive entity, in spite of the combined ticket that's available. Big Sky also has pretty much zero nightlife It's a massive pile of very sharp shale, and while the skiing can be very very very good it will chew up skis if you're not too careful.

Bozeman's good fun, but it's a full hour away. I don't know why they do it, but they do. Oh, and with Bridger you have 3 skiable areas in that zone. With low crowds by SLC standards. So much information, so much of it wrong Nite Life in Big Sky.?. I wouldn't say ZERO, but not a hoppin scene. Occasional live music, sometimes suprising acts Slightly Stoopid etc Our beer is way better. I don't care how careful you are or how well you know Lone Mountain, you will hit rocks.

I have skied days a year here for the last 14 years. I hit rocks, the same damn rocks I hit 14 years ago, they just have more plastic on them now. Moonlight Basin IS a separate entity. We offer a t pass in conjunction with Big Sky. There is a huge difference in company policies and operations. There are a lot more people skiing here than there used to be, no doubt. Nothing like the way LCC gets chewed up in a day. The line for the tram will make grown men weep, the rest of the areas are pretty empty. If however you want to ski and experience something "different", Big Sky from mid-Feb.

Alta-Bird is a great ski, our terrain Fuck Buddy in Snowbird Salt Lake UT better Oh and before anyone asks, I lived in Ut. I loved both trips. We stayed in Sandy at the Comfort Suites for rediculously cheap and that included a super pass. Needless to say, the superpass covers 4 ski areas, we only skied two. We has some friends ski Brighton the day before we go there and said they had a blast. It's hard to beat Alta on a pow day, despite the crowds.

Having said all this, I loved Big Sky and would definantely love to go back. I go to ski, not for the night-life. Park City for a night is kinda fun, I guess. But I'm a fan of sittin in the hot tub, drinkin a micro and kickin some ass the next day.

Fuck Buddy in Snowbird Salt Lake UT

You can't really go wrong with either. SLC will be cheaper, Big Sky will be less crowded. Really fun group of Maggots in UT to ski with and show you the stashes too. You may need to apply at the Department of Radness for a to crew, tho.

It's impossible to get beer in SLC. The Mormons constantly try to convert you. There is zero nightlife. If it does snow, the canyons are always closed. Alta is too aggro, Solitude is flat and full of hippies. All the maggots that live there are too bro-brah to care about some out-of-towner. Big Sky, hands down. Regarding crowds in SLC - at alta and snowbird there will be a decent crowd on a powder day, however, if you are comparing it to front range colorado resorts, it's not too bad.

There are also other options to avoid the crowds - solitude, brighton, and snowbasin Which is about an hour awayall of which have good terrain. Big Sky has other options if you want some variety and have a car. Bridger Bowl is a little over an hour away and Targhee is 3 hours away. Jackson, about 4 hours.

The snow is better in SLC, no question and the wasatch is scenic. But, you will probably be staying in suburbia. Big Sky is in one of the most scenic ranges in the country, and it's nice to feel like you are actually away from suburbia. Really both options are great. You'll be psyched either way. He's right, listen to him, don't come to Montana it's way too crowded and the snow usually sucks. By lapping that tram you can pick up some serious vert too, most if not all above treeline as well.

Last time I checked it was rated out for 15, but they only load Quite a "tram" indeed. Is it that few? You make the call.

Fuck Buddy in Snowbird Salt Lake UT

It's pretty crowded, especially on a weekend. There are less skiers than at for instance the Colorado resorts, but it feels like they're all there for the pow, unlike most places where you get a decent gaper population that gets up late and doesn't snake your freshies. So the lift lines aren't terrible, but the snow disappears really quickly. This is going to be a tough descision. If we were going later on in the winter I think it would be Bigsky for sure. But since its gonna be early january I'll have to think about it. Keep the comments coming though!

If you are for sure going in early January, you better make it Utah. Big Sky requires a lot of snow. It's pretty damn jagged. Park City is a nice town, but expensive and on the wrong side of the Wasatch from the nar.

If you love skiing, you have to do both places eventually, and then repeat. Life is short, get started, flip a coin if Fuck Buddy in Snowbird Salt Lake UT have too. Really, you can't go wrong. Follow the snow, if you have to go to Utah, you have to go to Utah, and if you have to go, it will definetely not suck. Thats sort of my yearly game plan. The whole basis of this trip is for three or four guys to jump in a car, hit some sick slopes keeping in mind that all of us are in college and need to keep the finances to a minimum The cliche ski trip of a midwesterner, I guess.

Cliche is Breck, not sick. My thoughts on steep places withing driving distance of the cheesehead state Motel 6 Jackson has weekly rates that can drop the room price to about 25 bucks a day. Hit JH, Targhee, maybe the pass if you have the gear, then on the way out or in loop up to Big Sky, stay cheap in Bozemen, ski Bridger and take 90 back home.

I did this in college. Lift tickets are cheaper in Utah though, and rooms are barely more. I think four college guys would enjoy Jackson more, or at least I know I did - beers at the Rancher, Moose, etc.

January is a great time to hit Jackson, they will likely have snow, or will be getting hammered, and the sun won't be killing their southern exposures. Crested Butte is as steep as the get with cheap digs in Gunnison or at the Hostel, but it takes the Butte time to build snow up as well. T-Ride is steep but a bit pricier, great town though, and some rooms like the Victorian are sorta affordable split 4-ways.

Did this in college. Was a great trip for those of us with fakes. Taos, steep, plenty of cheap digs. A little older crowd though, but everybody is strangely happy and colorful, except for the Texans. Grand Targhee is only an hour drive over the pass. I don't know where in WI you are leaving from, but driving time is about the same to either place from Madison about 20 hrs. Watch the weather reports on the way out and you can decide where to go when you get to Wyoming. The Collins lift was shut down on Friday so that may have had something to do with the crowds.

Quite a "tram" indeed Too funny, more misinformation

Fuck Buddy in Snowbird Salt Lake UT

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