Funny hookup stories

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I LOVE asking people about their sexual experiences that have taken a turn for the worse. These stories range from awkward to hilarious to horrifying to painful:. I had a bit too much to drink and the night was a blur. Apparently, I got lost when I got up to use the restroom????

My girlfriends and I wound up blacking out but I somehow got a bike taxi to his house and stormed his bedroom when he was asleep. When he shut off the lights to go to bed I got the death spins and he wound up holding my hair back all night. We wound up dating for 2 years after that.

So I thought he wanted to start hooking up. I said I had to go and bounced. Turns out he was sharing the room with his dad. When we got there, the dad left the room for a bit to give us space, and when I woke up in a bathrobe in the morning, I opened my eyes to see his dad chilling in the bed next to us. It was so bad that I just got up and left. Long enough for him to literally slink off the bed and crawl into the corner and start crying. Half because he was laughing and half because he was horrified. He referred to me as Chief Queef from that day on. It woke me up and Funny hookup stories just figured he was going to the bathroom…until I heard the sound of water hitting hard wood.

Sure enough, there was a giant puddle on the middle of his floor that had just barely missed my clothes. I was horrified. Needless to say, she wanted to show her appreciation. She was going down on me and proceeded to forget about the new ring she was wearing. Now, as a guyI naturally wake up with morning wood every day. It took about a month to heal since the wound would split open every time I got hard.

She definitely left her mark on me; I have the scar to prove it. It was dark and when we heard my parents come in the back doorwe got up to go greet them. There are people who want to be beautiful young ladies, and you can be one of them. All you have to do now is start using a dating site that will provide you with truly exceptional love. On a dating site, you can discuss your preferences and what you and the young lady enjoy doing to explore common interests.

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Funny hookup stories

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