Gods of guilt movie

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Admittedly, jurors wield an awesome responsibility. They are a revered symbol and a necessity of the American system of justice in the minuscule of criminal cases involving a jury trial. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, about 5 percent of crimes — state and federal — wind up before a jury; most are reduced through bargaining to lesser offenses and resolved by guilty pleas. Apparently, you have to be pretty desperate or innocent to leave your fate in the hands of 12 people too dumb to get out of jury duty.

The author of 30 books that have sold a gazillion copies worldwide, Connelly, a crime reporter who cut his journalistic teeth in Florida during the bloody cocaine wars in the s, branched out from Harry Bosch with The Lincoln Lawyer. That novel introduced Mickey Haller, a brash, flawed, but terrifically competent L. Matthew McConaughey portrayed Haller in the movie of the same name and did a superb job.

It follows The Fifth Witnessin which Haller, sick of defense work, ran for district attorney, with disastrous personal and professional consequences. To complicate matters, the dead hooker was once a reclamation project of Haller. Since he believes his client is innocent not a typical situationhe wants to get the real killer.

Perhaps by doing the right thing in this case, he can somehow make amends. The Gods of Guilt is not a yuck fest. Laughs are nonexistent and smiles are as limited as jury challenges. Like many of the people he is forced to associate with, Mickey Haller is not a nice guy. He is not above coaching an obviously guilty client into going berserk in court to win a mistrial. Mickey even has an extra shirt on hand to replace the one stained by the fake blood he and his client used in their little show.

He and his team, which includes an ex-wife and her new husband, know how to investigate. They are relentless and innovative and, unfortunately for one of them, vulnerable. In the courtroom, Mickey can Gods of guilt movie rings around even the most tenacious prosecutors, crooked cops, drug kingpins, recalcitrant witnesses and tough judges — and The Gods of Guilt has a surfeit of them.

I would like to see Mickey Haller and for that matter, Harry Bosch carry around a little less baggage and back story in future novels. The procedural and courtroom scenes are the best part of this and other Connelly thrillers, because they are genuinely thrilling. Lawrence De Maria, a former reporter for the New York Times whose work was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, has written nine thrillers and mysteries, including the recently released The Viron Conspiracy. They are available on Amazon. Support the Independent by purchasing this title via our affliate links: Amazon.

Book Review in Fiction More. Linked by love and betrayal, three people negotiate their complicated connection within the exacting world of classical music. A masterful story Gods of guilt movie loss, love, and the healing power of art. FictionLiterary.

Gods of guilt movie

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The Gods of Guilt (Lincoln Lawyer): by Michael Connelly -- Sidekick