Hanoi bars old quarter

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After many hot and humid hours of sightseeing in Hanoi… Max and I were dying of thirst. Plus, our feet needed a rest! Yet, what was going to be a couple of drinks… ended up being an impromptu bar crawl! When we ordered we checked with the staff member to see if the beer was very cold.

He said that the bottled beers were very cold. And yes, the beers were cold. We forget the name of the guy that was serving us, but he spoke good English. He was also friendly and helpful. We thought it was really quiet. And he said that was because it was early! He mentioned that it would start getting busy around 5pm. I asked him where the beer street Hanoi was… and he said that it was called Ta Hien.

So we tried our luck and the air conditioner was blasting! And our bodies were appreciating being cooled down by the cold, refreshing air con. We decided to order Hanoi beers again, which were in cans this time. The beers were chilled, as was the staff and atmosphere! It looked like there was an upstairs section too.

There was a small darts board as well as other things you could do! You can see what I mean in the photo below…. Yet, we chose to sit on ground level at the front. By this stage it was about 4pm. I ordered 2 Hanoi beers, which ended up being the large ml size. And the staff member gave us beers that were barely cold. Not his fault, but we drank those Hanoi beers super quick.

We had to have a bia hoi like the locals on the tiny plastic chairs! But who cares, it Hanoi bars old quarter for the experience! Looking for cheap flights for your next holiday? Have a look HERE. The Local Bar looked like a pretty cool little bar from the outside. So we decided to have a beer here.

Then she told us that it was happy hour. And she pointed at the behind her, and it was buy 1 get 1 free from 12pm to 9pm for certain drinks! Those sure are happy hours! So we stuck to the local brews and chose Hanoi beers. Yet, during happy hour it was 22, VND each. And Hanoi bars old quarter though the doors were open, they had strong air conditioning, which kept the place cool.

So that was a bonus. So we wanted to continue drinking the local Hanoi beer. Yet, when we asked the staff member what local beers they had, it was only Halida. It was cool inside as the doors were closed and the air conditioner was blaring. However, it was very smoky inside so it was unpleasant for us.

And by this stage the Hanoi nightlife was bustling, with lots of people roaming the streets… and traffic weaving through the crowds. Plus, the sounds of motorbike horns was mixed in with thumping music from the bars. We chose Hanoi beer again and the great thing was it was cold! Plus, the beer here cost only 25, VND each. And we could enjoy them on those classic tiny Vietnamese stools! The bar crawl was great fun, and it was great to explore!

And after downing several beers each, we were ravenous. So it was the end of the bar crawl. Yet, we topped it all off with the best banh mi in Vietnam! You can read our blog post about it HERE. Even if we receive complimentary goods or services we share our opinions honestly.

And what better way to quench our thirst then with some beers, which would hopefully be cold. We took front row seats to people watch, and the staff member turned the fan on for us. That was good enough for us. We decided to go local and ordered Hanoi beers. After a couple of brews at Blues Bar, we moved on. It was a good bar with great service here. Then, it was time to move on to the next place! OK, this was a must do in Hanoi Old Quarter that we had to tick off our list… We had to have a bia hoi like the locals on the tiny plastic chairs!

When we went the staff member was really nice and she spoke English well. And the beers were ice cold! Being on the corner, it was a great place to people watch and see the world go by. So get out there, enjoy traveling, drinking and eating! Like This? Share it and comment on it!

Hanoi bars old quarter

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