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We all strive to achieve bigger and better things in life; we want bigger houses, nicer cars, better promotions, the best schools for our children. We never stop trying to grow and improve. So with this in mind, here are eight things that you can start doing now to improve your sex life. The basis of everything on this list is your attitude about sex. The way you think about sex creates a foundation, and negative, unrealistic, or otherwise unhelpful thoughts about sex create a foundation that is hard to build on.

These are just a few attitudes about sex that are common but not necessarily helping you have the best sex life possible. Your attitudes toward sex color your every sexual experience whether you realize it or not. It may be obvious how some of the above thoughts How to get my wife horney problematic and can limit your sex life.

Other attitudes might take a bit more digging to see how the attitude is harmful. It just means you need an attitude adjustment. If you want to give your man back-arching, toe-curling, screaming orgasms that will keep him sexually addicted to you, then you'll find them in my private and discreet newsletter. Get it here. You may notice that these thoughts tend to fall into a few with a few spanning more than one.

These are such as:. This can make you anxious about sex. Discover how to get rid of sexual anxiety. Judgment — Judging your body, performance, of fantasies will make you miserable. A specific type of judging is slut-shaming, which happens when you judge a person it could be yourself for sexual desires, partners, and activities. Gender Roles — There are quite a few sexual stereotypes based on gender.

For example, thinking a man must always initiate or be the dominant partner. Stereotypes about desire can be pervasive and harmful, too. You and your partner bring different experiences to the table, and you can use that to create something great and explore your sex life. Or you can remain stuck in a mindset that makes it harder to be your authentic self, enjoy sex, and connect with your partner. Redefine what sex means to you, ignore labels, get out of your comfort zone, and just do what feels good.

There are many attitudes about sex that we have to unlearn to truly enjoy sex. Sometimes we just have to realize that what our parents, teachers, clergy, friends or favorite movies taught us, whether directly or implied, does us no good. You may discover you that you suck pun intended or that you are already a blow job queen. Sometimes this question is enough to make you realize that the reason you have that belief is nonsensical, and you can ditch it there. Many people do this when their sexual urges conflict with social pressures to wait until marriage to have sex.

Do you deny your sexual side? Limiting what you do in bed? Experiencing guilt over your desires? Too wrapped up in self-hate to enjoy sex? When you recognize that certain attitudes are harmful, you can start to unlearn them. This may be key to gaining the confidence to ride your manfor example. Sometimes we struggle when faced with a problem, but we would give good advice to a loved one facing the same issue. So if your best friend or sister came to you with a similar problem, would you support her beliefs or gently steer her in a different direction?

Take it one step further and consider the advice you would give her to start the unlearning process? The answers to this question are myriad. You might have better sex, sex more often, explore your fantasies, become more connected to your partner, or learn to love your body. There may not be much your partner can do to help you to change your attitude about sex.

After all, this is the change that must come from the inside. In most cases, your partner will probably be thrilled to learn that you want to improve your sex life, which may entail trying new things in the bedroom and getting to know your sexual self. You may have to reassure him that sex is good but you want to see if you can really up the ante. It may help if you can make it seem like a game. Fortunately, there are websites, forums and groups, and blogs just like Bad Girls Bible on the Internet to provide you with information and support.

There are also a of books written by sex educators and doctors that can help you live your best sexual life. The key is finding the forums and advice that works for you and your relationship. Remember that practice makes perfect. It takes time to change negative attitudes about sex, and it can be scary. But if you gently correct your train of thought as those beliefs creep in, you can remind yourself what you want to believe, instead. Over time, this will become easier as you build the habit of positive attitudes about sex.

An easy way to have better sex is to simply learn more about the topic. For example, if you understand how birth control works or how to properly use a condom, you can reduce some of the anxiety you might experience about getting pregnant or contracting an STI, which will enable you to enjoy sex more.

There are plenty of websites and books that can teach you about sex, and a Google search will produce many options. For example, many people are curious How to get my wife horney female anatomy and the location of sensitive spots such as the clitoris and G-spot. Have you ever heard of the A-spot? We also have many articles about specific techniques you can use during sex like giving him a blow jobhim performing cunnilingus on you and even anal sex. Through masturbation, you can learn your preferences and teach them to your partner in a totally judgment-free way.

Learn how to orgasm here. Sex researchers Masters and Johnson created a type of activity known as sensate focus [ 3 ] that enables your partner to get to know your body and vice versa in a low-pressure setting. Sensate focus involves several sessions as you touch one another.

However, the point at first is intimacy and exploration. Any sexual issue that might be a result of your health is one that you should definitely bring up to your doctor. Issues with lubrication, arousal, infections, and medication side effects are all okay to bring up at your next appointment. Sudden sexual changes may have an underlying cause that can be treated.

You might be surprised how depression or anxiety, menopause, medications including those intended to treat mental illnessand other conditions or injuries can affect your sex life. But everyone likes to feel temptation and likes to feel tempting. Everyone likes to feel desired and desirous. Many women have responsive desire [ 4 ] while many men have spontaneous desire [ 5 ]. However, it is often misunderstood. Many people with responsive desire mistakenly think they have low or no desire.

When you can identify what your desire responds to, you can create a setting that promotes your desire. Think of yourself as a being full of passion, feel that passion towards your man and watch the passion manifest within your relationship. This same article also goes into arousal brakes and accelerators. There is an interplay between brakes and accelerators, and when you can understand this, you can encourage your desire in a way that actually works. One important thing to note is that women tend to have more sensitive brakes [ 6 p 60]. Check out the post about desire to learn more.

Men with fragile egos? Those who make you feel bad about yourself? Your choice in sexual partner can really affect how much you enjoy sex. Furthermore, having sex with the same person helps you improve your sex life. For women especially, orgasm and pleasure are more likely to occur with a repeat partner. The more time you spend together, the more you can learn those quirks.

Of How to get my wife horney, the novelty of having sex with a new partner can be quite hot. But instead of one-night-stands, you might find a friend-with-benefits who understands your sexual needs which ultimately le to better sex. This is probably the most important and easiest advice that I can give you when learning how to improve your sex life. Do not lay there, allowing your mind to drift, sorting through your to-do list for tomorrow morning. There is nothing worse than a bored and therefore boring partner. Behaving like this will turn him on and will probably turn you on as well.

If you do not come across as excitedhe will know that you do not find him exciting and one of two things will probably happen: he will decide that you are boring and he will find someone more eager, or he will constantly feel like he is not good enough for you and he will find someone more appreciative. Pretending to be excited can be phony, transparent, insulting and will do little to improve your love life with your man. Find something that he does well that does turn you on and request it.

Find something you can think about that makes you horny and focus on it. The more you concentrate on being turned on, the easier it will be. Your goal should be not just to appear enthusiastic, but to actually feel enthusiasm. Another thing we emphasize for readers of Bad Girls Bible to have better sex is to talk about it, especially with your partner.

You cannot know what your partner wants or likes by asking people on the Internet; you need to ask him. Furthermore, you cannot expect a partner to magically be a mind-reader. Sometimes you simply need to express how you feel, what you like, and what the two of you can do to improve your sex life together. Proceed as though you expect to enjoy sex and he must consider your needs, too. After Sex — Some people use the time after sex to talk about the session, and this can be a good way to connect.

How to get my wife horney

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