How to put together the perfect outfit

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Polyvore gone way too soon. The website was a meeting place of sorts for fashion lovers and creators in general who logged on to make style mood boards for their personal use or to share with friends. Polyvore users had a chance to promote their business, get fashion inspiration, hone in on their skills, or just be creative.

Although some have tried, no other company has been able to recapture the magic that was Polyvore. I for one, was a Polyvore lover and used it create outfits that I could refer back too when getting ready. Putting together outfits can be time consuming and costly, but can be the secret to your confidence and success.

So here are few tips to get you ready and out the door in 10 minutes or less just like a Polyvore pro. Basics also include neutral colored clothing such as black, brown, tan, or navy. An interest is an item that has little detail, but not too much. For example a bright colored skirt, a top with a little frill, or dangling earrings.

Any piece that can compliment an outfit, while still holding its own. This item takes over your whole outfit. It is bold and is always the main attraction. Think unique fabrics like leather, lace, or velvet and How to put together the perfect outfit not often seen like neon colors. Keep in mind you can wear multiple basics and interests in each outfit. However, too much statements can be sensory overload!

Now that you know the basic formula of an outfit, how do you put it all together? A great way to put your outfit together faster is to pick one item to c ensemble around. Choose your favorite sweater, jewelry, etc. Pick a color you like and incorporate it in your outfit. Offset the vivid colors by including some neutral colors in the look. You can even add a different shade of the same color or a complimentary color in your shoe, purse, or jewelry choice.

You can also build an outfit around the pattern of your choice. When wearing multiple patterns, make sure they have a unifying theme. For example: all prints are yellow or all prints have circles in them. You get the point. You often have to change or add to an outfit based on the weather where you live. I live in Florida, so think sandals and tank tops ALL the time. The same applies for colors and patterns. For example, we tend to wear darker shades of purple, brown, yellow, and red in the Fall. And prints like floral and polk-a-dots in the Summer and Spring.

However, this is just an idea to pick a season, color, or pattern to build an outfit around. You do not have to stick to a certain season to wear a certain color or print. Subscribing to magazines or looking on Pinterest are great ways to get inspired when you literally have zero ideas. As far as Polyvore goes, you will never find a community quite like it, but you can come pretty close. Go through your wardrobe and see how you can recreate a look you love. Then follow the formula for a quick and easy template anytime you need to get dressed! The Level Up Styling service are for business-minded women who are consistently overwhelmed about what to wear to work.

Remember only wear outfits you feel comfortable and confident in. You got this! I love your staple items list! I have all of them but one! I love it! This was actually pretty informative for me! This is so helpful! This formula is so great, and I love that you break down what each part is. Thank you for sharing! Yep make sure, you get all those wardrobe essentials. I think I forgot to add pumps on that list! I would LOVE to make some of my own clothes! I always said it would be better to have clothes tailored to your shape!

Thanks for the ideas! Thanks for sharing this informative post. I learn many basic fashion tips from your post. Your post helped me a lot. Toggle. Learn More. Yanna 22nd Jul 19 I love your staple items list! Bella 23rd Jul 19 These are really great tips, I need to try this.

I wear the same outfit everyday lol. Marina 23rd Jul 19 Such a nice post, with so many useful tips x. Tiffany 23rd Jul 19 This was actually pretty informative for me! Christa 24th Jul 19 I love building an outfit around a statement piece! I usually start with shoes. Perri 24th Jul 19 This formula is so great, and I love that you break down what each part is. Sheereen 25th Jul 19 Yep make sure, you get all those wardrobe essentials. Sheereen 25th Jul 19 Change it up and follow the formula for putting a great outfit together.

You can do it! Sheereen 25th Jul 19 Thanks Marina! Sheereen 25th Jul 19 Just had to throw Polyvore in there, I miss that platform!! Sheereen 25th Jul 19 The formula for creating an outfit is really easier than you think! Sheereen 25th Jul 19 Glad I could help Marette! Sheereen 25th Jul 19 Nothing wrong with a simple outfit, but a statement piece can really bring it up a level! Thanks for reading Ella. Womens Clothing 23rd Oct 19 Thanks How to put together the perfect outfit sharing this informative post. Leave A Comment.

How to put together the perfect outfit

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7 Great Tips On Putting Together Outfits