Im a nurse dating a doctor

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Many people who are coworkers simply run into relationships together, but is it a good idea? Can a nurse and doctor date? Yes, a nurse can date a doctor. If you click and make a purchase, I may receive a commission. For more info, please see my disclaimer. When it comes to nurses dating doctors and vice versa, the fact is that there are no rules against it unless there is a specific HR policy in place prohibiting it. It might seem like a good idea and no one wants to stand in the way of love but is it really something you should do?

Use our job board to start looking for and applying to jobs near you. Truthfully, doctors and nurses typically work a ton of shifts over the course of a month and this is not always conducive to a good relationship. If you have lots of romantic evenings and date nights planned, be prepared to have them ruined often by shift work and emergency call-outs. The fact is that doctors have to work a lot of crazy hours and put in a Im a nurse dating a doctor of time and dedication to get ahead.

It might sound cynical but this is often the reality of relationships in the workplace. The problem is the power dynamic shifts when two people begin a romantic relationship and tensions at work due to power structures can make themselves known in a relationship. One of the best things about dating someone in your own field is you both understand exactly what the pressures and expectations are. Yes, you want to keep the romance and the workplace separate but you should also connect with each other about work.

After all, who else will understand the trials and tribulations of working in a hospital or other medical facility? Of course, few things are ever that simple and dating at work can introduce layers of complexity you never thought possible. You certainly should establish rules for the relationship in light Im a nurse dating a doctor all of the advice given above. It might seem to be the best idea in the world but you should also try to think about other people around you and the possible implications.

Yes, a nurse can marry a doctor. While there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to workplace relationships, we have seen nurses dating doctors lead to marriage. Ultimately as a nurse, only you can answer that question. But yes, dating a doctor can be worth it if you find the right person who you connect with on a deep emotional level. As long as human resources have no problem with it, dating between doctors and nurses can offer many rewards, such as being able to share the pressures of work.

If you have other thoughts, opinions or experiences when it comes to nurses and doctors dating let us know in the comment section below. Thomas Uzuegbunem is a registered nurse who graduated with a bachelor's in business and went on to get his bachelor's of science in nursing. He's the lead editor and founder of Nurse Money Talk. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Nurses and doctors spend a lot of hours working together. This may inevitably lead to the development of romantic feelings between them. Are there any rules to abide by?

There are a of things to think about before you start a workplace relationship. Table of Contents. Find Your Job Use our job board to start looking for and applying to jobs near you. Start Applying. Can a nurse marry a doctor? Facebook Twitter. Toggle Menu Close. Nursing School Expand child menu Expand. Nursing Career Expand child menu Expand. Search Search. Nurse Life Expand child menu Expand. Nurse Gear Expand child menu Expand. Listen Watch Expand child menu Expand. Find Jobs. Find Nursing Programs. Find a Tutor.

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Im a nurse dating a doctor

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Can a Nurse Date a Doctor? or Marry a Doctor?