Lifemates dating service complaints

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After dates call they members to ascertain their thoughts and reactions. Suggestions and consumer complaints are immediately evaluated by our staff and, when necessary, we take appropriate and immediate action. It is the worst investment I have ever made. Stupid me, but it seem that they were serious and that they would help me find the "perfect match" according to them.

Today is Sep 25, and I only have had three 3 referrals as they call them, of which only one I have met and went out for a coffee. A pleasant person but it don't go further. The other two who live far away from where I live didn't meet. I have never Lifemates dating service complaints a phone call from LM to find out how my "so call dating went". When I called them, actually I sent ana woman with a little bit of a condescending attitude told me that they don't call that is up to me to call and let them know.

Is that customer service? I don't think so!!! It is a solid rip off. Well if we have that Lifemates dating service complaints "certain age" and on the women side, I think then the rate they charge should be a lot lower than the one I paid as if I was a "younger" woman with a lot of chances.

A rip off a million times! A great disappointment! The worst investment Lifemates dating service complaints my life. A waste of money! A company that thrives in misleading advertisement and website. With their outrageous cost, you'd expect a high level of service. But in my opinion, they failed miserably. The following are details of their lack of service:. I ed up with LifeMates at the Calgary location back in Since then I wished I never contacted this company. I regretted ing their contract and paying all that money for a service that was so POOR.

She gave me this song and dance, and I believed her. After I ed up, it took a while for them to call me with my first referral so I had to chase them down. After a period of time, they called me with my first referral, and when I met him, he was not what I expected. That was the beginning of a BIG mistake. I've brought this issue up many times, but nothing was resolved. It became a big runaround. I had to chase them down constantly. I was wondering if they actually have members to match me up with. And if they did, are they really doing their job because the referrals they matched me with were totally incompatible.

They made false promises. Then I moved to Edmonton inhoping they can match me with a proper candidate. I gave them many opportunities to prove me wrong. No such luck, it was the same issue over and over again. Please do your research, understand the fine print and give yourself time to think BEFORE ing a contract and paying all that money. Reviews from other websites when Google-searched as "Lifemates reviews" are somewhat biased, outdated or not dated at all.

Only one date since then and the contact was nice but absolutely not my style. The last match was very rude on the phone and I believe that they do not screen or match the contacts in a professional manner. I am a very young and fit 62 years old with a good education background and a wide range of interests. I am very disappointed by the service and would not recommend to anyone!!

Better to use online dating service for minimal fees. I had been doing online dating for quite a while and was looking for something that wasn't such a waste of time. In fact, I thought it was another online site when I clicked the information button, but it was really different.

The first big difference was that someone called to speak to me. I work different shifts as a nurse, so this was not easy. I was a little nervous about having to go for an appointment, but I was curious about what they would do.

When I arrived for the appointment I had to wait for the representatives to finish with other clients so they gave me some forms to fill out and some personality test to do while I was waiting. After about 20 minutes, my interviewer started our meeting and was asking me all kinds of questions about my marriage and dating.

This was a little nerve-racking, but she told me that the main reason for the interview was to screen and qualify people for membership and that one of the things they screened was emotional availability! I thought this was great because so many times I had met guys that just wanted casual dating or they were not done with their exes. This interviewing went on for over an hour, but it was helpful. I didn't realize how easy it was to date the wrong Lifemates dating service complaints of guy.

I learned a lot and in the end decided I'd give it a try even though it was more money than I thought. Right away I got a call from a matchmaker that wanted to review my file. I received my first match about 3 weeks after that and it was horrible!

We didn't connect at all! I have 2 kids in their early teens and this man didn't have kids and couldn't understand the life. I also was not attracted. The next match was attractive, but no spark. I also think he wasn't in to me as well. As it turns out, one of my matches wasn't available, so they were working on another. We didn't have a ton of hobbies in common, but we both were open to trying new things and letting some things be our own.

We have been dating seriously for almost 8 months now and I am very happy. I guess if I were to sum up my experiences, I would say that using a matchmaker requires some patience but when they get it right, they hit home-runs. I received a flier in the mail, and decided I would give them a try as I was a too busy professional to want to go through one of the internet dating sites.

Went for an interview, and did not buy into it right away. Needless to say months later, I had no calls from them. And so I kept calling to find out status, and they kept baiting me with yes, they were just finalizing things or some other excuse. Really noticed the customer service was very unprofessional as one girl actually giggled when she was talking to me explaining things. In any case, after 6 months later, I asked for a refund as they had done absolutely nothing. At this point, they were anxious to set me up with someone.

It turns out, they were trying to do this to avoid giving any refund back. This was obvious as the unsuspecting match turned out to be so far from what my profile had asked for, and the company did not keep to their protocol where they should have asked for my permission prior to divulging my personal contact info to a possible match.

I did not accept a date with that match and requested a refund. The company sent me a letter asking me to that I would not tell anyone of that letter or sue any of the directors, or officers of the company. I just wonder how many people have gotten taken by them? There is a good article from the CBC about them on the internet. It is a few years old, but every comment is definitely true today. These guys are a scam. They make quite a bit Lifemates dating service complaints money, just by having people cancel because they do not provide a service. I have tried many times to contact them, and they have never returned my phone calls.

I plan on suing them anyway. Please let me know if you have been a victim also. Updated Feb. My advice is to be careful, even using internet dating sites. Apparently such practices may be common - look at complaints for eHarmony, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if they are connected. They have a similar profiling system. For those already in the mess of trying to get a refund from Lifemates - request a credit chargeback from your credit card company right away for the full refund, and don't the Lifemates release contract I mentioned above.

Do not wait, they will not honor their refund deadline, and for good reason, they do not want to give your money back. Apparently, there are a few dating services that are using these deceptive tactics. Buyer beware. You're simply given a vague description of your date by phone. This is the crux of their business model. No reputable business operates in such a manner.

So, be smart, have a lawyer review the contract and most importantly, ask to see faces. If the answer is no, don't. You stand to lose thousands if you so much as accept one referral sight unseen. Tried canceling my membership within 16 hours and was lied to. No one calls me back. Giving me the run around. I would like to launch a class action suit or one. How can I get my money back? Are there any loopholes that protect me by law? You can Google it. You may even get a refund. But make sure you have all the evidence to back up your claims or you'll be unsuccessful in your efforts.

Without wanting to sound superficial, I am a very social individual with a high profile job, good looks and a great personality. I own a beautiful condo in one of the best part of the city, drive a nice car and I must say that I have no problem meeting people. I thought I could use some help because I kept meeting the same men in my social activities, most of them were not really available. The LifeMate's representative I met with twice assured me that the level of single men represented in the agency were matching my profile perfectly.

I ed on thinking it could be a regular business deal where I would pay a high price and receive great service in return.

Lifemates dating service complaints

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