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I often hear people complain about the massage industry in the Philippines and how few places there would be available to choose from. I have already covered the bigger sex massage parlors in another post, these are usually found on the premises of the KTV entertainment complexes. So this guide is all about the smaller erotic massage salons that offer all sorts of different happy endings: Hand Jobs, Blow Jobs and also Prostate Massages if you are into that. Welcome massage! So you would walk in and inquire the services at the reception.

Secondly, if you ask if you can take a look at the girls to choose from, they will call them up in pairsmeans two girls at a time. If you like one, you can choose her right away, and if not then you can tell them and they will call the next two girls.

There are usually between girls available in these massage salons. And thirdly, most importantly: Not all massage salons offer happy endings. Out of the more than 30 different shops I have marked on the map, only about half of Makati massage extra service will provide hand jobs or blow jobs to their customers in exchange for a tip. Makati massage extra service best chances for a happy ending are in the salons of Malate as well as right on P Burgos Street. And one special kind of place that specializes in prostate massages is called Abacca Spa and is located in north Makati.

I will talk about it later in this guide in more detail. I know it may sound a little outright, but I would strongly recommend you that every time you walk into a massage salon to always ask the receptionist first if they do happy endings here. There is no need to be shy and she will always give you a polite answer, usually with a big smile on her face. Again there are two main areas:. It will cost you about twice as much to hang out with them four 2 hours — without getting an erection of course unless you want to jerk off in the toilet.

Next is P Burgos Street which is the most touristic and western-oriented street in Manila. So there a couple of massage salons right on P Burgos Street, and they all offer happy endings. Just take a look at the map for the updated locations and you know exactly where to go. And also be careful when taking them back to your room. Always keep an eye on them.

You might even want to consider having them leave their IDs at the hotel reception. Means you can easily get a hand job for Pesos. As you can see, the Makati massage extra service concentration of them is in Malate and on P Burgos Street:. Usually, not always. Again double check as it will make your hand job much more enjoyable unless you want a BJ. Some places also offer 4 Hands Massages, again if you want that just inquire at the reception. One place that stands out from the mass is Abacca Massage Spa in Makati.

Their speciality are prostate massages, or how they call them: Lingam Massage. Experience a relaxing and soothing back and head massage. Then be rejuvenated with our authentic sacred spot massage for 1, Pesos for 80 minutes of rejuvenation. Relax and be energized for 2 hours with our gentle and soothing massage that will eventually release physical stress and tension and clear out the blockages in the energy for 2, Pesos. Trance with 2 therapists soothing you with our finest strokes and techniques.

Balanced and flourished your physical and mental strength for 2, Pesos for 90 minutes. They even include a free facial mask for all services your masseuse will ask if you would like one before she starts with the exciting second part of the therapy. There are only 2 things I can criticize about Abacca: You cannot choose a girl. Anyway, from what I have seen all masseuses are quite sweet, and when I left there was one ladyboy entering for starting her shift. And then you cannot touch the girl. And she will not take off her clothes.

Abacca Spa is located in a very quiet street called Antipolo St in Makati. The first time I went there I actually walked all the way from Greenbelt 3. And if you are still unlucky and unhappy, literally then you can always take a taxi up to Abacca to save your day. Things are a little bit different here in Manila.

Kundalini Therapy Trance with 2 therapists soothing you with our finest strokes and techniques. I have marked the location of Abacca with the pink pin on the map above. Where To Do It. Best Free Philippines Dating Site. All rights reserved. Contact Privacy Policy. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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Makati massage extra service

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