Male nurse dating

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in. Help with a turn? A sheet change? Actually, yes, your patient is soiled in C. The Scam Artist is always offering favors he can never quite make good on. Did he quit? You remember something about him having a sick aunt in Buffalo — maybe he went to take care of her? Really standup guy — if a bit of a pushover. What the hell was his name? Oh, you just paid off your student loans? He went to school on a full scholarship. You inherited a boat from your uncle?

Got into NP school? He just digs women, man. His nursing is just as good as a medical degree — or so he likes to claim. Given the chance, he will crack open the crash cart and attempt to push epi on a patient he believes is asystolic … until you gently take the syringe out of his hand, and point out that the patient is disconnected from the monitor. He has silver-dollar-sized plugs in his ears — which HR told him to remove — and which somehow made things even worse — as his earlobes have been permanently deformed into gaping, sagging loops of skin.

On the hottest summer days, he Male nurse dating up to work wearing Long Johns and turtlenecks underneath his scrubs, to cover up his increasingly extreme body art. The Hipster has to be strategically ased to patients who are visually impaired — or outright comatose — as he tends to frighten and enrage the elderly.

Once, during night shift, you caught him trying to hook up his Xbox in an empty patient room. You went to nursing school with this cat, and never once saw him pick up a book. Book smart, but with not a shred of common sense, The Space Cadet knows more about medicine than most of the residents, and is an outstanding resource for newer nurses struggling with the theory of fluid dynamics.

This beautiful beefcake might be trying a bit too hard to offset the feminine connotations of his job title. A bit of a gossip, a bit of a lush, Mr. Perfect is even more perfect because of these trifling character flaws. Indeed, Mr. Perfect would be an excellent candidate for dating, and even marriage, were it not for one small thing:.

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Male nurse dating

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