Married but something missing seeking friend

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Married but something missing seeking friend

Many of us are driven by inner restlessness and longing. A sense that something is missing in life although it is difficult to put our finger on what it is. That our life will feel more complete.

Married but something missing seeking friend

And yet even when we get a new relationship, more money or whatever it is we still feel there must be more. At the heart of this seeking is the need to know who we are and why we are here.

Married but something missing seeking friend

What is this journey we call life all about? That is spirituality. This sense that something is missing is often an invitation to become more aware of our essence and who we are beyond the surface level of our life. This soul hunger is an invitation to embark on an inner journey in order to understand ourselves better and shed the limiting beliefs that are holding us back from becoming our best and most authentic selves.

We get the message. I get it because I have been there and experienced these same feelings that were confusing and unsettling. I experienced a dark night of the soul and was really suffering even though I had SO much to feel grateful for. What are these feelings and inner knowing that something is missing in our lives trying to tell us? In this scenario, we have been so busy focusing on other people or fulfilling the many roles in our lives that we lose touch with our innermost selves. Our authentic self can easily get buried beneath a whole lot of layers and beliefs.

Our souls long for deep and fulfilling relationships where we can share our most intimate thoughts and feelings with those closest to us. We want and need deeper connections with people and have a desire to share and discover our authentic selves with others in a safe and nourishing way. Just as we are meant to grow and evolve, our relationships are also meant to grow and evolve. While earlier in our lives we may be satisfied with relationships that enable us to share the tasks and manage the roles in our lives, there comes a point that our souls need something deeper.

Shifting our way of being from a needs-based relationship into more soulful relationships, can be very challenging. This gnawing sense that something is missing in life is a that we have a spiritual yearning that we may not be aware of. Our society values material success, achievement, status, and identification with our Married but something missing seeking friend. We find ourselves asking what are often considered to be questions arising from our souls- Is this all there is? How am I meant to contribute to something larger than myself? Where am I meant to invest this energy that ly went into my traditional roles and responsibilities?

Spirituality stirs a sense of curiosity, mystery and way of being that acknowledges that there is a life force beyond our control at play in our lives. This shift is challenging for many of us and is often a reason that people feel stuck when seeking a more meaningful life. These Tips May Help I share suggestions for your next steps.

When we create space, turn inward and get curious about what is missing in our lives, we open the door to evolving into a more authentic, peaceful and loving version of ourselves. Leave a comment below if you Married but something missing seeking friend like something is missing in your life. Our community would love to hear from you!

Any way thanks for your article. Hi Chris! Thanks for your comment. You are definitely not alone as many people feel this way. Please send me an at bev bevjanisch. Take care, Bev. Hi there! You can explore my services on my website and send me an if you have questions. I always love to hear from people! I cannot begin to tell what a revelation this article was, I had goosebumps right from the beginning.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! You are definitely not alone!! Much love on your journey. Hi Grace! Great question about what it means when you feel like your life is passing you by. You have the answers inside you- you just may need some guidance as to how to access them. Take good care! Hi Corbyn! I know a lot of people will resonate with your experience. You are not alone and I have a sense that something new and meaningful will arise from your struggles.

Love, Bev. How can i find my path? What steps do i take to begin MY journey? Im 73 years old and feel like life is coming to a dull end…somedays im ready to lay down and go to sleep for ever. However i know ive still got passion. Hi Julie, What a great question and one that many of us are asking and continue to ask throughout our lives. The second half of life is about connecting with ourselves and inquiring about what our souls are asking of us. One thing is certain, and that is the path is not all laid out in front of us.

Continually asking, how can I be of service?

Married but something missing seeking friend

Much love, Bev. I have been in the survival mode for quite a long time, that the basic things life have to offer to me comes as a result of struggle. I feel there is more to my life than just waking up to 9 to 6 job and come back at night, to start the same routine till the weekend. Your article has been helpful, and i just find out while typing this that I lack true friendship even in my marriage, we only scratch the surface while I need soul alignment with my partner. Thanks so much for your comment!

Married but something missing seeking friend

That deeper sense of connection is so important for our health. It takes some work, but it is possible to find that deeper connection. I am 64 years old, retired 3 years ago thinking I had a lot to look forward to, but in that time I lost both of my parents and sister in law and then COVID hit and now have no direction, feel empty and am down on life with that feeling that is this all there is, seems like the older I get, the more confused I get about what my purpose in this life is.

What a painful time for you! My heart goes out to you. Please be gentle with yourself during this time and create space for your grief. Many feel a lack of purpose after retiring and a sense of emptiness and confusion. You are not alone!

It becomes a new season in our life to begin a new journey of exploration and curiosity. With patience and over time, new things reveal themselves to us. Although this is hard I have recognised it is simply a pattern, I buy my new clothes and still feel empty so I seek other external energy. Thank you, for helping me. Best wishes! Hi Tallula- I am SO grateful that you took away such a powerful message from this blog. I really appreciate that you left a comment that is really inspiring to myself and others. You are definitely not alone in your spiritual journey. Thank you for sharing!!!!

Much love to you! Hello I came across your article when I searched up that why I feel something is missing in my life.

Married but something missing seeking friend

Although school has started, I am online and will continue online school. I have felt ever since this covid and all till now that I am missing something. But now I feel like I have lost that spark in me. That hope i lost, that faith in me I lost. And I feel more confused and lost and I feel a bit sad idk. Please me back. I would love if you tell me what I should do that I feel this way. And what it really means that my soul or God is inviting me to this journey as you said something like that in your article.

Thank you so much and I really hope to recieve and from you. Thank you so much have a great day :. Married but something missing seeking friend wrote this blog before COVID and am now seeing how a global pandemic is challenging many of us in ways that are difficult to understand. COVID is highlighting how important our real connections are. Know that you are not alone! Here is a link to the blog with a description of HOW to actually do it.

All my love you!!! Always felt that its a stage that would fade away soon than I expect; its been a long time ,And still it hurts to wake up in the morning and go on with all the wonderful things I got. Hence, please give me some advice if you can or want to. Hi AK- Thanks for sharing!

I want to acknowledge how hard it is to feel that something is missing and not be able to put your finger on what it is. Most of us have not been taught to look inside ourselves for answers. Hi Bevi Am constantly feeling like something is missing in my life ,my head eveni feel like i have a purpose in life but dont know what is it hence the reason i google im desperately seeking a cure for my crave, life is far too short and im wasting it. Hi Teresa- Thanks for sharing!

Our purpose shifts and evolves. I feel the same Ghere is something missing on my life, more so in the last 2 weeks. Have gone along way and have even found a meaningful connection that has helped me and supported to transform many areas of my life but somehow I feel no longer connected with that meaningful connection all of the sudden and since this happened I also feel disconnected from me and feel a deep sense is something missing in my life of lack of joy.

Even the synchronicities and s I used to see se to have become more rare. Any advice would be very welcome. Thank you. We make progress and then find we reach what can best be described as a plateau or even what feels like a step backwards.

Married but something missing seeking friend

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