My colombian girlfriend

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Moderators: CasaJAJca. Post by Tatiandy » Sat Aug 25, pm. Post by physicskate » Sat Aug 25, pm. Post by PaulG » Sat Aug 25, pm. Post by luzangg » Sat Aug 25, pm. Post by Casa » Sat Aug 25, pm. Click the "allow" button if you want My colombian girlfriend receive important news and updates from immigrationboards. Advanced Search. Register Do not show. Please use this section of the board if there is no specific section for your query. I would like my Colombian girlfriend to me in England Post by Tatiandy » Sat Aug 25, pm I have a Colombian girlfriend and we would like to live together in England and then marry.

She wants to become a nurse and is currently at university in Colombia studying English. I am confused over visas. I have spoken to the nhs who say she needs her visa before she can apply to work there and gave me a gov. They replied and gave me home office link.

I was asking what was the best visa for her but they said they cannot advise me. To get a student visa she needs a placement on a course, enough money to support herself and pay for her course from money she can show in her bank. Once again she does not have the funds and cannot get into training without the visa. Catch The only other way I can see is as a partner or spouse. Am I correct? Is this the only way she can study and work as a nurse?

We were not planning to marry so quickly but is this the only way? I would really appreciate some help. Any advice would be great as the official bodies do not seem to be able to assist me. Thank you in advance. I am British born and bred. So it would seem that marriage is the way forward, which is fine, just sooner than we had spoken about. I think I also need to do some form of proof of income.

What should my annual salary be? Re: I would like my Colombian girlfriend to me in England Post by PaulG » Sat Aug 25, pm Hi, Your girlfriend could come to the UK under a fiance visa but just if you are planning to marry within 6 months after she arrives. Once you are married she has to apply for a spouse visa, once she gets that visa, she would be able to work and live in the UK with no restrictions just the restriction of the visa that has to be renewed after 30 months in the UK.

There is no other way for her to have the rights to work unless she has a sponsor who offers her a job. I am Colombian too. And I was in the same position five years ago. That's the best route I found. I applied for fiancee visa and I got married here in the UK. Please don't hesitate to mesaage me if you would like to ask any questions.

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My colombian girlfriend

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