Nirvana hook up

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Please log in in order to save this video to your watchlist. Save to new watchlist. Ionescu, Alex. Citation of segment. CC Attribution 3. Computer Science. We will start by describing the intended use of these technologies in Windows and what their normal use cases and scenarios are, followed by explanations and demonstrations on how to abuse them to do your bidding. In turn, we will detail how to detect each of them from a defensive perspective, contrasting current hook detection methods and their inability to pick up on these techniques.

These hooking techniques can be leveraged for code obfuscation, dynamic binary instrumentation, implementing stealthy hiding techniques and more. Series Annotations Transcript. Area Multiplication Memory management. Functional mathematics Arm Information overload Multiplication Letterpress printing Maxima and minima Directory service System call Symbol table Pointer computer programming Configuration space Table information Address space God.

Run time program lifecycle phase Voting Pointer computer programming Software testing System call. Touchscreen Multiplication Figurate. Computer animation Source code. C code on what is the Nirvana hook up the In IPCC crombies the calling sin from outer and imprinted on the screen basically the symbolic names in use a symbol engine to print out are the pockets of that. API yet that that works um so it's the everything here looks good just as a the theory so we build instrumentation library you here FIL and the work and and is able to see a chief Hoke which I'll show you later things get screwed OK that's good so the instrumentation hoped um not this 1 a copy this system 30 to because I was lazy give a relative Nirvana hook up so instrument of the little something the same thing ministered no out the low loader and this time the dummy function should be called and you should see some things so again all attached to the debugger to see what that looks like don't kill the old 1 but I would think this spend on that.

I see it is basically our new mitigation the marks of his Adam Wyner 10 and again the explanation is with the does when you compile link your code that analyzes in this covers every location at any indirect cost version can reach In bills that knowledge into the binaries in extra data structures and injects the check before every indirect calling your code that assures a target is when these expected safe locations in that chick fills a runtime the OS closes the program so some check is being injected here and basically when you compile a binary with COG an indirect call were basically have a C database object.

The Yellow now in a launch Notepad. Social Media. Embed Code. Hooking Nirvana. Stealthy Instrumentation Techniques for Windows REcon

Nirvana hook up

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