People from Newtown

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I just have to trust what happens. It was something nice and everyone really connected with it. On Day 1 we had whatever was in our pantry which was nothing really. Five days later I had to put more shelves in because it was overflowing with donations. At that time, the Blessing Box would be full for four days. At that time, we saw a high influx of people needing food. A month later — around May or June last year, the turnaround become about half a day.

What has come of it — which I think is what the community sees — is the energy that comes from it. This is a proof of concept that this works. I wonder if the world, or this community, or Council think that this is the norm and see how this could work on a long-term basis. Her mother pulled her out and made her go and do a job that she really hated somewhere.

He eventually ended up doing what he wanted. He was a writer historian and wrote the Pictorial History of Newtown. He was a historian but a creative and imaginative person. I went straight from school to art school. It is enrichment that is forever. You do make your own luck but only to an extent.

After the fire went through, we ended up in an evacuation centre. I thought I can provide part of what I received during the bushfire crisis in this scenario by just using what I have here and what other people will support me with to do this. There are many industries where people have lost work in a short People from Newtown of time — hospitality, retail, travel, education — there are so many sectors that are affected.

People from Newtown

We have beautiful volunteers who prepare and serve the food and we have an incredible amount of support from suppliers. What we see here is community coming together to share the abundance that exists within that community. That is like the ultimate equation of abundance — there is always enough. He told us he came last night and took lentils from the box. I own a business with my partner. The business has slowed down so instead of only focusing on that, we decided to look around at the world and see what else is going on. They were going there for food and we realised they would have nothing.

Everyday someone leaves a note and there is something new. We get really excited and wonder who each item is from. We see our neighbours do a dash and put something in. Those interactions are really important and beautiful and heart warming and I now know my neighbours. Give what you can and take what you need. Everybody who stops to talk to me is a nice person. Not all the nice people stop.

I actually make enough money selling my scarves to People from Newtown by. That also gives them a bit of a cooling off time. Their scarf will be put in a drawer and not worn and not loved. I want people to wear them and enjoy them. I grew up on the Central Coast which has a very low trans population. There was probably me and someone else that was known for it in the gay community. Even the gay scene was really low so it was pretty bad. I came out as a lesbian when I was 14 at the school which was not my best choice.

People from Newtown

I dr opped out of high school because I went in to hospital for mental health reasons when I was about And then I decided I needed to transition to a man and start doing the right thing for myself. There were a lot of members of my family who were quite actively not alright with it.

From the very beginning, there was no issue whatsoever. But on the Coast it was always something that was raised; there were always people talking about it. Was I feminine or masculine enough? None of her friendship group even addresses that. I think her confidence has really rubbed off on me. They blurt out what they are thinking about my appearance — often rude and insensitive and People from Newtown projecting their feelings of insecurities. It has stories of my life until now, anecdotes from other people, and advice for engaging with people with facial differences, severe skin conditions and disability.

You have to break it to them in a way so that they understand what exactly they have. But at the same time you have to be mindful of how they would feel about the new diagnosis and be compassionate about what they would be going through psychologically. No matter how bad the diagnosis is there is always something that we can offer.

He was saying never let your patient lose hope.

People from Newtown

It makes the journey a lot easier for the patient. And the opposite also happens where the patient that I never expected to deteriorate, did. You just do the best the can and you put on a good fight. Sometimes every now and then you lose the battle to cancer but the most important thing is that you provide the caring environment for the patient and you provide enough support so that they can at least go through this journey and be comfortable with it, not lose hope and not be scared.

How am I going to die? We usually try to give it a good shot; for the suitable patient of course. You just go for it. I came here with all the energy to start a new life.

People from Newtown

I would never have imagined I would be going through such a situation. I never was scared of working or learning something new. And I wonder, where is this person? I need to find it. I have a lot of international friends and they are scared.

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People from Newtown People from Newtown

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