Ready for divorce quiz

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Less than 12 months. Over six years. I actually said "no" at first. Oh gosh, it's been so long ago Honestly, it wasn't as romantic as I thought it would be. It was so sweet and romantic. Lack of communication. It's all money troubles. I feel suffocated Ready for divorce quiz this marriage. We have our ups and downs, but it's nothing that we can't handle. Having fun. Dating someone else. Focusing on important things in my life, like my job.

Seeing a therapist. Cuddling with the love of my life on the couch. We both have dominant personalities. They are definitely more dominant. I'm the dominant one. Neither one of us is dominant. Anyone and everyone. I keep these things to myself. My therapist. My friends and family. I'll try to drop hints about how I feel. No, it's probably nothing. I'll just look through their phone.

Absolutely — they should hear how I feel. About a few years into the marriage. Just recently. Right after the honeymoon. It's never good to get too "comfortable. Rude and obnoxious. Ambitious and caring. Lazy and greedy. Charming and sweet. We happily sleep in separate rooms. Not if they're snoring. Sometimes we do. Of course we do! Not just apart I would leave the country. I would have some time to myself and some time with them. Apart — I need some space. Together, that sounds fun! A new beginning. Hopefully, more money.

More time Ready for divorce quiz myself. There is no upside. This shouldn't matter. I have no clue. We have different s. Yes, we're exactly the same. I honestly can't remember. A few months ago. About a week ago. Of course. I'm very independent. I'd like to think so. Ya know, I'm not so sure. What's that? They think that my SO is weird. They point out my SO's flaws a lot. My friends don't know my SO that well. They love my SO! I don't know, but there would be a fight involved. Watching a movie somewhere. Gazing at the stars on top of a mountain.

A romantic dinner sounds lovely. It feels like a constant uphill battle. It always feels like work. Constantly communicating with each other. The finances. My head: that's where the logic is. Right now, neither. My heart: that's where the love is. Both are equally important. I don't remember why. Because they were so dreamy. Because they had such a wonderful personality. Because my heart skipped a beat when I looked at them.

Yes, and it's not that great. No, but we want to. Yes, and it's been wonderful.

Ready for divorce quiz

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