Seriously need my load released badly

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Asked for Male, 21 Years Views v. Thanking you .

Seriously need my load released badly

Asked for Male, 20 Years Views v. Hi, with history thus looks like gastritis Acid peptic disease. You need further evaluationhowever try this medicine and report how you do - you can take Cap. Pantodac- DSR half an hour Asked for Female, 29 Years Views v. Any tablet can cause some side effects. Abdominal pain can occur. Ask your doctor if pain is increasing.

Asked for Female, 18 Years Views v. Asked for Male, 24 Years Views v. Hello Precum can contain sperms so yes if it comes in contact with labia it can result in pregnancy. In second scenario chances of pregnancy are not there unless your ejaculate reached her vagina. Asked for Male, 27 Years Views v. Outflow obstruction to be ruled out. Consult urologist. Asked for Male, 40 Years Views v.

Get Gastroscopy and Sonography abdomen Asked for Female, 19 Years Views v. HI,You should get your urine pregnancy test done if you have missed your periods. Asked for Female, 29 Years 61 Views v. Report is normal, but yes UTI can cause pain below the umbilicus bladder area n vomiting in severe cases Asked for Male, 28 Years 15 Views v. Contact online for treatment Asked for Male, 0 Years 25 Views v. Tab Drotin DS tablet as and when needed for pain Abdomen if no known allergy to it. Asked for Female, 39 Years 17 Views v.

Seriously need my load released badly

Could be IBD, needed proper evulation in form colonoscopy evulation. Asked for Male, 28 Years 69 Views v. Do usg abdomen and routine investigation and consult surgeon Asked for Female, 59 Years 37 Views v. If symptoms persist visit ENT surgeon Asked for Female, 24 Years 32 Views v. Consult your gynaecologist. Asked for Male, 29 Years 37 Views v. Get USG done Asked for Male, 34 Years 65 Views v.

Stop all junk food. Asked for Male, 28 Years 47 Views v. Please see a local gastroentrologist Asked for Female, 23 Years Views v. Yes it may cause stomach pain. Asked for Male, 26 Years Views v. Could be one of the muscle spasms.

Need to examine in person. Please consult a physician Asked for Male, 28 Years 50 Views v. The pain that you have described seems to be some kind of stomach infection or gas or hyperacidity. It will require a short duration of treatment depending on the cause of pain. Do you have nausea or Asked for Female, 16 Years Views v. Tab pantocid L bbf for 2 weeks. Syrup mucaine gel tds. It is due to gastritis. Asked for Female, 29 Years 63 Views v. Could be Gastritis or peptic ulcer Asked for Female, 52 Years 67 Views v.

Get the ultrasound of whole abdomen Asked for Female, 23 Years 72 Views v. Last first Yes there are chances It can be also due to muscle week ness. Asked for Female, 55 Years 93 Views v. Clinical examination needed as examination and history can't be replaced. As per your complaint possibly gastritis. Once consult cardiology doctors also for same. Just do lifestyle and dietary modific Asked for Male, 25 Years Views v. Asked for Male, 29 Years 35 Views v. Need detailed history and evaluation.

The question asked on this is a free question. You can ask a free health question by downloading the Practo app. Vaibhav Srivastava General Physician Dhanbad. And while that sudden enlargement of stomac Kumar Parth Gastroenterologist Bangalore. Will tab. Vandana Jain Gynecologist Ghaziabad. I have been having stomach aches over the past month on and off which vary in pain. It makes me want to puke sometimes sometimes I do and it just hurts badly the other times. I have visited doctors and hospitals and had an ultrasound done with the doctors consent. The report I got said "There is evidence of multiple subcentimetric and borderli Venkat Raghav General Physician Bangalore.

Does swiping penis with precum fluid to labia mayora cause pregnant? Can sperm enter the vagina? Aditya Gupta Psychiatrist Roorkee. Sir I have problem with stomach pain from that I have urinal problem and even my sperm also not coming out plz solve my problem. Chandrashekar Ratkal Urologist Bangalore. I have stomach bloating and added weight since 1to 2 months.

Recently I'm unable to digest food or have hunger. I Seriously need my load released badly gas but doesn't pass. Recently chest pain has started and I am unable to sleep properly at night. I have been consistently days suffering from vaginal pain, stomach ache, headache, weakness, nausea, dizziness AFTER having consumed an emergency contraceptive pill.

Additionally, I have been throwing up at least once a day sometimes three times a daypost-meal Neelam Walia Gynecologist Delhi. My baby 1. Is it OK? Does uti cause stmch ache and vomiting? Susanta Kumar Saha Pediatrician Guwahati.

Seriously need my load released badly

I have problem for under stomach pain. Tariq Ahmad Bhat Sexologist Srinagar. She is facing problems of stomach pain from yesterday please suggest something Mahesh Kumar Gupta Gastroenterologist Gurgaon. I have burning sensation in the anal region since one year and my CRP level varies upto

Seriously need my load released badly

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