Teacup maltese pomeranian mix

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The Maltipom is a Maltese Pomeranian mix full of character. With a fluffy coat and diverse colors, this is an active, smart dog with lots of personality that loves to snuggle and play. Not feeling like reading everything? Our handy guide will let you know where to start. This cute dog is the result of crossing a pure breed Maltese with a Pomeranian. This is a very recent crossbreed, and as all hybrids, it has been subject to some controversy. For starters, a crossbreed refers to a dog who has been deliberately bred from Teacup maltese pomeranian mix purebred dogs.

The reason for crossbreeding is usually in the hopes of attaining certain traits from each parent. This is different from common mixed-breed dogs, who usually have parents of unknown breed as well. On the other hand, crossbreeds are the offspring of two purebred dogs, mutts can have the genetics of several different breeds in their bloodline. Many people consider crossbreed to add unnecessary animals to the world.

Why would you deliberately cross two pure breed dogs when there are many mixed pups waiting for homes in shelters and rescues? Nevertheless, many breeders assure they engage in cross breeding to offer genetic strength to their lines. Supporters of crossbreeding hope it may provide a solution to these generational health issues.

However, naysayers insist crossbreeds and purebreds are equally susceptible to certain health issues. In fact, crossbreeds might be more likely to have genetic diseases from both parent breeds! The Maltipom is still considered a first-generation crossbreed, meaning they are new to the canine scene and therefore very little documentation exists about their origin. However, we can learn more about them by checking out the backstories of their purebred parents—the Maltese and the Pomeranian.

The Maltese are believed to get their name from Malta, the island where it was discovered. They were most likely brought to Malta by the Phoenicians before B. The Maltese were not only renowned for their perfect proportions and gorgeous white coats but also their charming disposition and loving personality.

Although their miniature stature makes it difficult to believe, the tiny Pomeranian is actually a Teacup maltese pomeranian mix of the Arctic sled dog! Maltipoms are a rather new crossbreed, but their Maltese and Pomeranian parents have a lot of funny anecdotes! Maltese pups, for example, were a fashion statement for noble Roman women. They soon made regular appearances in Roman myths and fables, as a representation of devotion and loyalty.

An archaeological research team found that the Romans loved their Maltese pups so much they even cared for them when sick, treating their arthritis and other age-related conditions. On the other hand, Pomeranians were one of the favorite breeds among the British royals in the nineteenth century.

The Queen brought some pups back after a visit to Italy and she quickly became an avid breeder! All you have to do is look at their parents! However, with a crossbreed like the Maltipom, pinpointing exact size, height and weight outcomes are a bit more complicated. Still, since the Maltese and the Pomeranian are both toy dogs, we can estimate that the fully-grown Maltipom is going to be pretty tiny.

But what is the full range of his height and weight? The easiest way to gage this is by looking at his purebred parents. The Pomeranian, Teacup maltese pomeranian mix the other hand, can be even smaller! They only grow to be around 6 to 7 inches tall and weigh between 3 to 7 lbs. Prepare for your adult Maltese Pomeranian mix to be in the range of 6 to 9 inches and weigh around 3 to 7 lbs at most. Because this is a crossbreed, every puppy could inherit a of physical characteristics from either of their purebred parents.

The coat of the Maltese, for example, is long and silky, and always white. They have no undercoat and therefore their fur more like hair and will have some variation of between curly or wavy. The Maltese also have long ears and a long tail, a proportionate body, and bright, dark eyes. These pups tend to shed a bit less than other dogs, while Pomeranians are prone to the usual shedding.

On the other hand, Pomeranians have a fox-like face and pointed ears with round, black eyes and a lot of furs starting from their upper neck down. The Pom has a double coat—the undercoat is short and dense and the outer coat is very long and very thick!

Typically orange, the Pom also comes in nearly 24 standard colors and markings. Some possible shades include:. When it comes to this Maltese Pomeranian mix, your pup could end up with any combination of the above characteristics. In general, though, they will have medium to long hair, and keep a fluffy appearance throughout their lives.

Of course, the temperament of your Maltese Pomeranian mix is going to depend on what type of personality traits they inherit from their purebred parents. Nevertheless, there are some personality differences between the Maltese and the Pomeranian you should know about to really see if this is the right fit for you. The Maltese are known for their gentle nature and spirited disposition. They are also affectionate and very adaptable to all types of situations and styles of home. Quite the athlete, your Maltese will love snuggling up on your lap just as much as they will love running, playing, and showing off!

The Pomeranian is a bit livelier than the Maltese and can be vocal at times, unafraid to use their voice when they deem something to be out of place or suspicious! Because of this, excessive barking can be an issue when not properly trained. Pomeranians are very active and quite smart, making them great watchdogs.

Like their Maltese counterparts, they are great with children of all ages. Thus, Maltipom puppies are cuddly lap dogs that do great with children of all ages. They also get along with other house pets, love to play and run around the home. The Maltipom is a lap dog who Teacup maltese pomeranian mix well with children and other household pets, loves to play as much as cuddle with you, and will keep you laughing! By nature, these pups will be great family companions. Nevertheless, we recommend early socialization and training to keep your pup well rounded and happy. The Maltese and Pomeranian are both active breeds, but they are also quite small.

Early socialization and obedience training will be key to ensure your pup feels confident in all situations and behaves accordingly. In the case of Maltipom puppies, it will also help with any excessive barking that might come up. Training your pup is only part of their care. As a responsible owner, you need to groom your furry friend to make sure they stay healthy and happy. In general, your Maltese Pomeranian mix will need consistent care for them to feel and look their best. This crossbreed is prone to dental issues, just like its parents and other toy-sized dogs.

We also recommend a high-quality dog food specified by your veterinarian since Pomeranians are prone to obesity and your Maltipom may be too. Your pup will also need their ears cleaned regularly to avoid infection and claws trimmed to avoid painful cracking and splitting.

Regardless of the type of coat your pup has inherited, grooming should be an important part of your new routine. Because both the Maltese and Pomeranian need a bit of extra grooming, your mixed pup will require daily Teacup maltese pomeranian mix to keep their silky coat free of knots.

This will make upkeep more manageable and avoid matting. Willing to dedicate time every week to grooming? Your Maltipom is a crossbreed, so similar to temperament and physical characteristics, they may also inherit health issues from either parent. The Maltese has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years, and although described as a hardy dog, they are still prone to a of issues. Among them, we can count:. On the other hand, the Pomeranian, with a lifespan of 12 to 16 yearsis prone to.

Since there is no way to tell by looking at a Maltipom puppy what they may have inherited from their purebred parents, we recommend early health screening. Talking to your chosen breeder and knowing the possible conditions your pup might have will help you avoid or prepare for any future health issues in your Maltipom dog. The Maltese Pomeranian mix is by all s a wonderful, hardy, and easy-going family pet! They adapt well to many different home environments and get along with everyone. However, if you have very small children it might be wiser to wait a bit.

This is a tiny dog and they could be easily injured if handled too roughly. Maltipom puppies need consistent upkeep and care, and you need to plan your time accordingly. If you have the time for grooming and have older, gentle children, then this may be the perfect dog for you! Convinced a Maltese Pomeranian mix is the right choice for your home?

While shelters and rescues are always a great option, remember that finding a Maltipom may be hit or miss, depending on the time and place you are looking. You may be able to find other mixes, like the Pomeranian Maltese Poodle mix, for example, but finding a Maltese Pomeranian crossbreed will definitely be up to chance.

However, one of the best things about going through a rescue is that shelters will often cover the initial veterinarian fees. These establishments indiscriminately breed dogs without regard to the health and wellbeing of neither parents nor pups. A breeder will also do proper genetic testing and health screening of both parents to make sure that no diseases are passed on. Caring for a vulnerable Maltipom puppy is a big responsibility. Even with weekly grooming, who can resist these furry love balls?

Here are some more options if you want to look around. If you like the fluffy look of this pup, make sure to check out these other crossbreeds before making up your mind! Still sure you want a Maltipom in your life? Start with some local breed rescues.

This mixed breed is still somewhat of a rarity, and being a first generation mix, their presence in shelters is somewhat limited. We hope your Maltese Pomeranian puppy will help make your home a lively and very happy place for years to come! Let us know about it in the comments. Are Maltipoms good family dogs How big do Maltipoms get?

Where can I find a Maltipom? Weight: 3 to 7 pounds.

Teacup maltese pomeranian mix

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