Teen oral sex stories

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Chris Hailey's stories Guest authors Comments. The girl is too young to fuck--eight or nine years old--and terribly cute. She's even cuter when she's got two inches of my cock in her sweet little mouth. She's a bit of a tomboy, even though she's so cute. Or, maybe that's the reason that she's cute.

Maybe that's also the reason she likes to give head--because she secretly wishes that she had a penis of her own, to play with all she wants like she knows all the boys at school do. Penises fascinate her. For about the last year, since she first learned about the possibilities of the internet, she's been looking at pictures of penises.

Her favorite pictures are taken from below; big, hairy balls hanging down, with thick, proud erections sticking out above them. She can stare at those pictures forever while she twirls her finger over her clitoris, wondering how such a big thick erection could fit in her tiny little hole and trying to imagine how much sperm is in those huge balls, and what it would feel like to be a man and to ejaculate.

Looking at those red, swollen balls, she can understand why men like sex so much. It must feel wonderful to relieve those huge balls of all that sperm. She resolves, as she twirls her fingers rapidly in circles and that wonderful feeling builds in her secret parts, she resolves that she is going to help men relieve their balls.

She doesn't know how--her little hole is way too tiny and besides she doesn't want to get pregnant--but she wants to help. She can masturbate them, right? Her friends call it a "hand job. Her friends call that a "blow job," and they all think it's gross, but she doesn't think so; she's fascinated by the idea of having a penis in her mouth and of using her mouth to help a man ejaculate.

Her little hole might be too small, but her mouth, well, if she opens it really wide, like the girls in the pictures on the internet, it might be big enough, at least if the guy's penis isn't too thick. As she twirls her finger down between her legs, s he opens her mouth really wide and pretends there's a cock in it.

It makes her feel very dirty, and that turns her on all the more. OK, so, I'm changing the facts of this story a bit to protect the, um, guilty, but here's the more or less true story of how I've Teen oral sex stories to know a girl just like this. I know her mom; we are both recent divorcees living in the same condo complex.

Neither of us are at all interested in a relationship, but we both enjoy the occasional romp in the hay. The way it usually works is that her mom calls me up and invites me over for dinner and we drink a couple bottles of wine and then she sends her daughter off to bed--usually accompanied by, "But Mom, it's not bed time yet! Mom's quite a little slut, that's for sure, and I enjoy her sloppy, well-used cunt; I'm perfectly happy to dump my load inside her whenever she wants it.

So I've gotten to know the girl pretty well. She is, as I said, a bit of a tomboy, even though she has a very sweet, feminine side, and she loves to play basketball and soccer and other sports. Now, normally I'd say I don't get enough pussy from mom to be her babysitter, but I genuinely like the kid and the exercise is good for me, so I'm not complaining. Plus there turns out to be other perks as well. So one day we've finished up with basketball and we're sitting on the park bench drinking Gatorade, and she's like, "Are you my mom's boyfriend?

She grins. And I can hear you guys when you're doing it. I feel a little self-conscious the next time I'm riding the mom, thinking about the daughter in her bedroom listening to the bed squeaking. And mom can be a bit of a squealer and I'm thinking, would you quiet down, bitch?

But then I think, oh what the hell, girl said she doesn't mind, so I let out a couple of nice loud "Oh you fucking whore" comments and stuff like that. I know Teen oral sex stories girl is hearing it all and that makes me feel good, like I'm demonstrating my virility to her or something. And then all of the sudden it's not the mom I'm mounting anymore, all of the sudden in my mind I'm fucking the daughter, I'm laying on top of the little nine year old and slamming in and out of her little cunt, and then quite instantaneously and unexpectedly I just start exploding.

I holler outloud, "Oh fuck! This is the first hint I have that I'm beginning to have "unnatural" desires toward the daughter. I really don't think too much about the implications of this, I guess I just figure it was normal and natural and no big deal. I certainly thought about plenty of other women when I was fucking my wife, often younger women though never nine year olds.

So, rather than recognizing that there's a problem, and establishing appropriate boundries in my relationship with the girl, I do the opposite. Mainly, I just start flirting with her. I feel stupid even while I'm doing it, sort of the stereotypical mom's dirty old boyfriend routine, but she seems to enjoy it which just causes me to do it all the more.

No sense of boundaries. I know it's wrong the second I do it and I want to pull my hand away but she looks up at me with the sweetest little face, big doe-eyes and just slightly biting her lower lip, and her skin feels so wonderfully soft under my fingers, that I can't help myself, I just leave my hand where it is. My heart's thumping irrationally and I feel like a pedophile. I'm sure you and Mom can, I mean I'm sure she'll be glad to see you A voice in the back of my head tells me to not go any further with the conversation, but that voice gets overruled.

I tried to smile at her, but I was feeling very nervous. After a little silence, I asked, "So what do you do, when you Teen oral sex stories around with boys? One guy, John, he and I would--we'd just look, you know? Just show each other.

My heart's thumping and the voice in my head is shouting--Don't say it! Don't say it! But he's overruled. I stand up and quickly drop my shots and boxers. My cock, already a raging hard-on, pops out and stands up at full mast, showing himself proudly to the girl. I stand there for a little while, letting the girl stare, enjoying showing off for her. Finally I say, "What do you think? She finally broke her stare, looking up at me. You want me to take my pants off?

We're back at my place again a few days later. I'd slept with her mom the night before and then the girl and I played basketball while mom went to work. I pull my pants down quick, I'm only at half-mast but I want the girl to have the chance to watch me get hard. She stares as I twitch into an erection. She quick pulls her shirt off.

Her chest is flat as could be and pale white, with adorable little pink girl nipples. I step in front of her and reach a hand down and start fondling one of her flat little nipples, feeling her pin-prick nub harden under my fingers. She reaches a hand out and cups it softly under my balls. I mean, like, how does it make you feel? I mean, that way she wouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant. She looks down at my cock, and then leans in, opens her mouth, and takes my head in between her lips. She sucks my head a little, while gently jacking on my cock, then leans back and looks up at me.

She smiles demurely. Now allow me a moment to describe this scene in some detail--The girl has one hand cradling my balls, very gently, holding them like they are precious, or fragile. She can barely get her fingers around my ballsack, which looks enormous in her small, cool hand; I wouldn't normally say my balls are all that big, but right now, from my vantage point, my package appears to be nearly half the size of the young girl's head.

She just cradles them, doing nothing else with them but holding them tenderly. I would not describe my cockshaft as particularly big, either, but right now it looks gigantic compared to the small hand she has wrapped around it. In terms of length, her hand barely covers half the shaft, and I can tell that if I set it against her face it would extend from her chin to her well past her forehead. In terms of girth, her fingers seem to be barely able to wrap around it, but more impressive is how it looks in her mouth; she has her mouth open as wide as it can possibly go but my head fills it entirely; it looks like my cock is as wide as half her face.

She is an incredibly beautiful girl. Soft blonde curls grace her face like a baby doll. Her face is slightly tan, not as pale as her bare chest, but still creamy-white. Her cheeks are now flush, pink and just slightly mottled. I can't see her chin, it is obscured by this absurdly giant thing that's stuffed in her mouth, but I know that it is small and sweet. Her lips are thick and dark pink and always glistening, she is always applying pre-teen lip gloss, and they shine even now with her cherry-flavored Lip Smackers as they wrap around my thick cock.

Her nose is an adorable, dainty thing, pointing just slightly upward; simply looking at that little girl nose makes me hard. Her hazel eyes look up at me, wide and shining like an anime girl; they seem to have a look of almost reverence on them, as if the young girl cannot believe that she is being allowed to experience such masculinity, to touch and to Teen oral sex stories it, and that in return for this honor she must do everything in her power to provide it with the pleasure that it demands.

Her mouth is warm on my cockhead; as warm and as comforting as a woman's pussy. I can feel her tongue, soft and wet, as she rubs it along the underside of my glans; gentle licks that seem to say "Come, cock, come for me; I want your come. Her teeth graze, just ever so lightly, on the sensitive skin of my cockhead as she pulls away; it is not not painful at all, but gentle and exciting, like little pinpricks of electricity, reminding me that this is a mouth that I am fucking, and a little girl's mouth, too--a mouth that is too small to open wide enough to fully accommodate my girth.

As she pulls her head back, her little hand that is wrapped around my shaft moves with it, stretching the loose skin away from my body, then reverses course as she bobs her head back down, pulling the skin in towards me as her warm mouth opens even wider to accommodate the entirety Teen oral sex stories my head. It is an unbelievably erotic experience to stand above this beautiful young girl, looking down on her and watching as she gives head for the first time in her life, watching her little mouth and her little hands working so diligently to give pleasure to a cock that is seems so giant compared to her.

Rather quickly, her inexperienced jaw tires; I can tell from the increased pressure of her teeth on my skin. So I pull out. She looks up at me with those big shining eyes and nods. But she can't finish; I've lifted my shaft and put my other hand on the back of her head and pulled her into me and her nose and mouth are now engulfed in scrotum. Again my balls seem huge compared to her, covering half her face.

I step back, letting my cock fall and slap her across the face. She's looking up at me with those big green eyes. She opens her mouth wide again, I slip my cock in, I start jacking. With my hand still on the back of her head, I wrap my fingers into her golden curls, holding tight, pulling hard, not wanting to hurt her but wanting her to experience a man pulling her hair as he orgasms inside her. And then, I let loose. My legs are shaking now and there is a glorious instant where I am orgasming, yet I have not yet begun to expelled my come; it is like suspended animation and I hang there for an eternity even if it only lasts a split-second.

And then, with an incredible explosiveness, I feel my come Teen oral sex stories out of me, hot and thick as it barrels down my shaft. My little anime girl is completely unprepared for what she is about to receive. All the videos on the web cannot possibly prepare you for the real thing, for a huge shot of salty, bitter, viscous semen firing into the back of your mouth. She instinctively pulls her head back and the second shot, even larger than the first, fires out at point blank range and covers her pretty little face with come.

I stand above her, aiming my cock right at her face as the last few smaller Teen oral sex stories defile her even further. She holds her hands up, cupping them under her chin to catch the come that slowly drips off her face, and looks up at me. She lets a large quantity of semen drool out of her mouth and it flows down her chin and into her hands, and then she smiles broadly at me. She looks up at me, big hazel eyes, then looks back down and sticks her tongue out and takes a big lick of my semen. She makes a face as she swallows it. But she takes another lick, swallows, and then licks the rest.

I reach down and wipe some semen off her cheek with a finger and present the finger to her and she sucks the semen off. Back in my living room we're setting on the couch. Her cheeks are red. She sits there with her legs held tightly together, looking at me shyly. But she lets me pull her knee towards me, lifting her leg up onto the couch, and she is facing me with her legs spread.

Her vagina looks tiny. I don't think my head could fit in the entirety of the slit between her lips, I can only imagine how minuscule the opening to her vaginal canal must be. I would seriously tear that little thing wide open if I put my cock in there.

Her lips are pinkish and slightly puckered as they rise above her white skin.

Teen oral sex stories

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