Tired of being lonely 32 Jonesboro Arkansas 32

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Tired of being lonely 32 Jonesboro Arkansas 32

We are totally dependent on God to move upon the hearts of people to supply our needs. If you feel led to donate to this ministry, please hit the button below. John Welcome to Freedom House! Donate Now. If you or someone you know is wanting to change their life and get into the center call and ask to speak to the overseer. Connect With Us! Brittney Hout. Event Date Wed, Apr 21st, Event Date Mon, May 24th, My name is Melissa Jones. I am 46 years old. My dad was in prison until I was around 12 years old.

Then when he came home, he was a drug dealer which was my introduction to cocaine, meth, marijuana and even the needle.

Tired of being lonely 32 Jonesboro Arkansas 32

By the time I was 15, I was injecting cocaine and meth daily and had dropped out of school. My dad ended up back in prison which left me with my mom who basically could not control me. I ran My name is Bradley Wince. I am 35 years old, from Paragould, AR. I had a fair childhood. When I was in the first grade people made fun of me because I had a patch on my eye because a pit bull bit me in the eye and my eye had to be put back in.

I was never the same after that. A month before I graduated high school I lost my dad and 4 of my close friends. They were partying and drinking and My name is James McNulty. I started using drugs when I was 13, but I managed to get really good grades and I graduated high school when I was My name is Jordan Long and I am 26 years old. I was raised by my grandparents since I was 5 months old.

I made fairly good grades in school. In two weeks before I graduated My name is Weston Moon. My mom and dad were great parents, but their marriage got taken over by Satan, drugs and lies and they got divorced when I was just 6 years old. I started playing sports when I was 5 years old and that seemed to keep me busy and out of trouble for a long time.

Not knowing at the time that these years would be the best years of my life and not seeing that the road up ahead was paved with Hi, my name is Robbie Ingram. I was born in South St. Louis, but when I was 3 years old, my dad went to prison and my parents got divorced.

My mom decided to move me and my 3 sisters and 2 brothers to Dexter and be near my grandparents. My mom worked a lot to support all of us, but her heart was always with us. I can remember going to church as. I loved learning about Jesus and singing the kid's songs, but what I liked My name is Casey Barker. I am an only child that grew up in a home where my parents loved me and provided for me. I went to church, I was active in school, sports, fishing and hunting, and I worked with my dad. My dad is a good man, but at times he would speak harshly to me and it affected my self esteem negatively.

At the age of 12 my best friend was killed in an accident. I began trying to numb my pain with alcohol, sex, and drugs. I tried This is my 3rd season in Mission Teens and each time He brought me out of my mess was nothing short of a miracle. I have the best parents anyone could ever ask for they taught me to know right from wrong and shown love and discipline equally.

I was saved when I was 12 or 13 years old and even though I know He genuinely came into my heart, I only asked Him so that My name is Zach Seymour. I am 28 years old from Bay, Arkansas. I had a great childhood with a loving mother and was really into playing sports. When I was 12 years old, I started playing basketball instead of baseball and made new friends. I wanted to fit in with Tired of being lonely 32 Jonesboro Arkansas 32 cool crowd, so I started smoking pot and going to parties and drinking on the weekends. I got into a 4-wheeler accident and broke my arm.

This started my addiction to pills and pain medications. I ended up taking My name is Amy Shook.

Tired of being lonely 32 Jonesboro Arkansas 32

My name is Kent Anderson. I am the youngest of 3 boys from a loving stay at home mother and a hard working father. Wanting to fit in to what the world called popular was my downfall. I wanted to do all the things other kids did who had material things. My name is Trey Hollins. I had a good childhood. I was raised by a single parent, my mom. I started working when I was 16 years old. I complained about it until one day my mom told me that there was a time that she had to pick up trash just to provide for me and my sister.

Hearing that changed my My name is Clair Florence. I am 58 years old. I was born and raised on a farm in central Illinois. I have always had issues with self-esteem, shame, and guilt. I began drinking in high school and by the time I was in college, I was experimenting with all kinds of drugs. I got married in and a few years later we had two wonderful children, a boy, and a girl. My name is Rodney Walker. I had a rough childhood because my parents were always fighting, so I spent a great deal of Tired of being lonely 32 Jonesboro Arkansas 32 with my grandparents.

I used my involvement in sports to be a release of all the negative emotions I was trying to bottle up inside. I listened to so many lies My name is Krista Bates-Duncan. I am 29 years old and live in Malden, Missouri.

As I was growing up I went through many traumatic events that led up to my addiction. I lived in fear most of my life and did not have a clue as to what real love felt like. As I was burned by boiling water at the age of three, My name is Jerrel Gillentine and I was born in When I was born, my father started seeking after God and made sure that I was going to church. I received Jesus into my heart when I was 7 years old. I now know that even though I was making bad choices, He was with me and He was protecting me. My dad owned a body shop, so, as early as second grade I can remember going there after school to sweep the floors and clean up.

Then I would go home to do my chores there. I have 10 siblings.

Tired of being lonely 32 Jonesboro Arkansas 32

Hello, my name is Derrick Mitchell. I was raised by my mother, Joan. She worked most of the time to provide me and my sisters with everything we needed and with the things we wanted. I was a really busy kid and I remember thinking that you needed money to get anywhere in life. My grandma used to take me to church, but the only thing I really remember is the play where the Roman soldiers beat up Jesus.

Tired of being lonely 32 Jonesboro Arkansas 32

I was never taught to rely on My name is Marissa Lesley. I am 43 years old from Dexter, Missouri. I have been on and off drugs since I was 12 years old. I came from a good family. My parents divorced when I was young, but they were both good and loving parents. Neither one of my parents ever had addiction problems. I started hanging out with the wrong crowd in school and that was my My name is Bradley D. I am 48 years old and was born in St. I pray that the Lord gets the glory in this testimony and that it reaches and touches the person it is intended to.

When my family moved to California, it was all a crazy lifestyle. My father let me drink and smoke pot with him. One day I mentioned that to his boss and I began to get beat by my father. My dad also beat my mother and My name is Mike Shepherd, I am 60 years old from St. Louis, MO. In grade school I absolutely knew what I wanted to do with my life and that was to play soccer. I loved it and was good at it.

Tired of being lonely 32 Jonesboro Arkansas 32

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