We have nothing in common

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Pictures of couples. Couples with everything in common. Couples kissing while horse riding. Couples making out on a beach without a care for getting a sandy gusset. But behind the camera, this is what I know. In selfie — as in life — we are out of sync.

We have different nationalities, first languages, work schedules often work countries and body clocks. He likes computer games, I like country walks. In cleaning, my efficiency battles his love of festering. He has a financial portfolio and makes weekly graphs of his assets. I live for Vestiaire Collective. Yet of the six couple shots I do have on Instagram, four are from our wedding and honeymoon.

The irony is that being out of sync is often what first attracts us. But at some point we stop celebrating our mismatch. Rewind a generation or two, and finding a partner meant being in sync enough to physically run into them. When I met my partner — a half-Swedish, half-Spanish management consultant who worked in Germany — online, it took us three weeks to find a window for date two.

But, above our app-based meeting culture, he blames work. Stress has increased. Being able to go to bed on time and relax is much more difficult. So, recognising that the spark for our initial sexual attraction can also be its undoing classic FML, right? It might sound unromantic, but as someone whose partner has a three-hour daily commute, a Saturday-afternoon quickie can be the difference between amazing sex and no sex.

Sleep researcher Dr Wendy Troxel, senior behavioural and social scientist at the RAND Corporation, found that unless one person has an extreme sleep pattern, such as not feeling tired until 3am, most couples can outsmart their circadian rhythms. Healthy couples can figure out the sleeping strategy that works for them. Eleanor, a year-old web developer, believes that regularly sleeping apart improves her relationship. But it balances us out. I like this idea of counterweights. Two people on a tipping scale of highs and lows, both giving and taking to get the balance right.

That CoupleGoals selfie might show what a relationship looks like when the timing is right for one second. We have opposite personalities. We have very different schedules. Cure: Boundaries. Crux: It comes from upbringing. Cure: Regular check-ins. Fourteen weeks of day-to-day stuff is too big! It's so simple. What those affair dreams are trying to tell you. Say buh-bye to summer slick. Gallery List. Gallery Grid. How to ensure the Strawberry Supermoon doesn't wreak havoc with your emotions. People swear by 'visualisation' for securing their dream home, job and partner, so here's how to do it to manifest We have nothing in common dreams It's so simple.

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We have nothing in common

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We Have Nothing in Common!