Which race is most attractive

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A new study in The Journal of General Psychology has found evidence that faces of mixed racial phenotypes are perceived as more attractive than stereotypically White and Black faces. People are always interested in what makes one attractive. We know from work that physical attractiveness has positive consequences for many life outcomes, such as positive social interactions, mating success, health, employment, and income-related outcomes.

The two-part study compared combinations of Afrocentric facial features and Eurocentric facial features. In their first experiment, the researchers had 85 undergraduate students rate the attractiveness of six computer-generated faces that varied in racial features and skin tone. For their second experiment, the researchers had another undergraduate students again rate computer-generated faces. This time, however, Stepanova and her colleagues created a set of faces that had finer gradations of skin tone and facial physiognomy.

In both experiments, participants rated mixed race faces with medium skin tone as the most attractive. The study also found no Which race is most attractive that the attractiveness ratings were moderated by the ethnicity of the participants. Future studies should consider answering this question with female faces. We also used computer generated faces for better control of skin tone and facial features manipulations, and the next step would be to conduct this work with actual photographs. What about younger and older faces i. PsyPost is a psychology and neuroscience news website dedicated to reporting the latest research on human behavior, cognition, and society.

Home Exclusive Social Psychology. Study: Men and women view mixed-race male faces as more attractive than White faces by Eric W. January 20, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Perfectionistic tendencies are associated with reduced cognitive flexibility and heightened emotional suppression. Narcissists are more likely to gain power at work because they act like they already have it, study suggests. Mindfulness meditation can increase selfishness and reduce generosity among those with independent self-construals.

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Which race is most attractive

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