Why do young girls like older men

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The age difference between a couple is usually looked down upon by the society when it is too large. While in earlier days, it was fine for the husband to be six-seven years older than the wife, over the years, the gap reduced and now, it is frowned upon if the age gap between the two is 10 years or more. However, it is not unusual for women to get attracted to older men especially if they maintain themselves well and are successful and single.

Look at celebrity examples like Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor who have an age gap of 10 years or Shahid and Mira who are born 14 years apart. Hollywood too has its fair share of celeb couples who have a big age difference between them.

And there is a reason why women are drawn to older men as most of the times, it is love and the age does not really matter. We list some common reasons for women finding older men more attractive. Believe it or not, one of the first things that draws a woman to an older man is his salt and pepper look that is well-maintained.

A man with the perfect hair with grey and black strands is pretty attractive. When this look is coupled with a salt and pepper beard as well it just is an added bonus. Look at celebs like George Clooney who is the ultimate older man crush or R Madhvan who recently shared a photo with his chiselled looks and salt and pepper hair and beard. Obviously, it is one thing to be older and have this look and another one to be Why do young girls like older men and still have greys which could be a turn off as well. So if you are single and above 35, we say, keep the salt and pepper look instead of coloring your hair.

This is because he is financially more secure, he has figured out his career path and he is finally ready to settle down. This makes them more attractive to many women who do not want to marry a man who is still struggling to make his name. An older man can offer stability that a younger man may perhaps not be able to which makes him more desirable. Another reason that women fall for older men is because they are successful.

By the time they are 40 or more, they have established themselves and are doing good and earning well. A hot, older single man is quite in demand among women. It is a known fact that women are emotionally more mature than men from a young age and men reach this level a few years later. This means, dating a younger man or a man of the same age as you or slightly older may result in an emotionally draining relationship if the man is not available emotionally.

But an older man is considered to be more mature emotionally perhaps because he has been in relationships in the past and knows how to handle difficult situations. This quality can make them more attractive to women.

Why do young girls like older men

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