Will destiny raids have matchmaking

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Recently, Bungie has been making massive changes to Destiny 2 in time for its newest expansion, Beyond Light, which comes out in November. Although the developer recently improved inventory management for Destiny 2 players, the fan community still has several issues with the game - even with its classic raids.

As it continues to add more content, Destiny 2 faces the same initial bugs as any other live service game does. However, one player's latest gripe is not with the gameplay, but with some of his fellow raiders. In a recent post, Reddit user El-Tubo argued that Bungie should remove raid matchmaking from the game entirely.

The player pointed to his experience against the Corrupted, in which players must bombard enemies with energy orbs. Although normal strikes allow players to throw the balls of energy directly at their foes, Nightfall raids require players to pass the ball to one Will destiny raids have matchmaking before attacking the boss. After his fellow raiders presumably failed to pass the generated orbs, El-Tubo turned to Reddit, pleading with the Destiny 2 community to pass the energy balls in-game.

Other players subsequently echoed their frustration with both matchmaking and the energy balls in the replies. Some players shared their frustration regarding less capable players bungling the ball mechanic, stating that they hated playing with players that forced them to fight raid bosses practically alone. However, some responses defended the players and placed the blame on Bungie's part. Others argued that Destiny 2 needed to promote communication between players in order to teach inexperienced people the mechanics.

Although some pointed out that the game explained how the orbs work in a popup, others pointed out that depending on the spawn point, players might be thrown into combat with no time to read the instructions. Others pointed out that in some raids, the game's own messaging might be confusing for players.

For example, in the Taken Blight event, Reddit user JaegerBane pointed out that a boss can appear to be immune to lower level players and create confusion during a raid. Hopefully, Bungie will address these concerns in a future update. However, even without matchmaking and gameplay improvements, Destiny 2 fans can still look forward to the long-awaited return of Uldren Sov and several new quests in the future. By Daniel Park Published Sep 04, Share Share Tweet 0.

Will destiny raids have matchmaking

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