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Jump to Wot matchmaking gold ammo. Percentage of vote: 8. Percentage of vote: Percentage of vote: 2. Percentage of vote: 7. Ok, so I know this has probably been talked to death here on the forums, but I can't find any posts about it and I want to share my opinion. Personally, I say that gold shells have no place in this game. There should be no substitute for skill. People can go out and buy a little gold, or fork out a bunch of credits, then manage to do far better than other players in a match, and I find that unfair. I think that gold ammo should either be limited to a certain per tank, rebalanced to make it more fair, or just removed entirely.

People who have been playing longer should not have an unfair advantage over newer players with lower credit stocks, or people who don't want to pay for items on a free game. Repeated spam of gold shells gives people an unfair advantage over other players. It reduces the skill level of new players, who will find prem ammo and just religiously spam that so they don't have to aim for weak spots, then cry "OP TANK, UNFAIR" when they cant pen something due to Wot matchmaking gold ammo understanding the simple idea of aiming for a weaker part of a tank. If they only use credits for it, then their credit stock will go down at an alarming rate, causing them to find progressing extremely difficult.

Gold spam also reduces the fun in the game due to not being able to use the armour on tanks that actually have armour, and it makes people toxic in battle after they get hit by gold shells. I will admit to being relatively rude towards gold shell users because it simply makes me angry when someone who is not aiming at any weak spot is able to easily pen my tank when I should be able to shrug off their shell from the front of my tank with ease.

There is nothing more frustrating than rushing an enemy who you expect to bounce, who you KNOW will bounce, only to hear "sss" when their shell hits you and deals damage, after they fire a shot right into your upper plate with no thought whatsoever.

To be clear, I am not talking about driving weak tanks with no armour where someone easily pens with standard ammo which lower ability players mistake for gold, I'm talking about more heavily armoured tanks, eg heavies, or stuff like the T28 and T95, where people will just thrust their hands into their pockets and throw money at you without aiming for weak spots or getting round your side to fire into the weaker armour. Either that, or they should be removed entirely. I also believe gold shell spam should be classed under "unsporting conduct", as people that spam gold know full well that they are gaining an unfair advantage over other players, because it stops the armour of well armoured tanks being effective.

To be clear, I don't mind 1 or 2 gold shells being fired from an enemy tank. That is fair. But when someone fires gold every shell in the round? That is where I feel that gold ammo needs the nerf. Something needs to be done to stop pay to win players repeatedly getting better than free to play players, because currently the game just isn't fun, thanks to an increasing of gold spammers. There would likely be far more players staying on the game for far longer, if gold ammo was made fair. I'd like to hear other peoples opinions on gold in the comments below, and I know I'll probably get a lot of hate for this post.

But I feel that gold ammo seriously needs to be balanced. I feel the ammunition balance is fine as it is. I see no sense in spamming premium ammo, when a standard shell would get the job done, with more damage done. Anyone spamming premium would be doing cumulatively less damage than they would be doing if using normal ammo. The variety of shells is simply there as having the right tool for the job.

If I don't see red, AP. No, prammo seems ok, the only option I would like to see implemented is the of Prammo shells in every tank being limited. So a tank with shell capacity couldn't carry More than 10, and if the same shell capacity also contains 20 HE, then the of prammo should then be limited to 8 then!

Denoobing member of the A ctive F rontline K lan - and proud of it. Be nice to me. Empros is recruiting! Message me in game to apply. This is a layer of thinking that adds to all the other bits you need to consider, The complexity of the choices and the trade offs are what makes the game good : the Wot matchmaking gold ammo choice Changes all the time.

I will concede nothing : the WR needs to be re-counted - by hand. Contrary to Minitelrose, I rarely spam HE But again I rarely use prammo, again just on some tanks that cannot perform within the tier that they have been allocated by WG. I would just like to draw your attention to the curious case of the Pz.

II Ausf. A Tier 3 Panzer II with heavy tank armour. Buckleyteer2, on 09 December - PM, said:. I think that special ammunition has a place in the game, just like it had a place on the battlefield—and for the same reasons. Sometimes in your pea-shooter you run into Godzilla eschews matchmaking discussion here and you need that something extra to even make a dent in a desperate situation. I speak as a player who grinds tiers, not lines, currently at Tiers 5 and 6.

What else can I do in my Crusader against a tier-6 heavy tank? I also think that the of APCR or other special shells that a tank can carry should be limited, just as they were on the real battlefield. That's what, one in every seven? I don't grind lines. I grind tiers. Therefore my only way to one more is to chose regular over prammo, except when there is no choice. People discussed limiting prammo for a very long time, and WG limiting the damage of APCR and heat ammo was the best possible choice.

I know you will say that it is already reduced, being lower dmg, BUT if you can afford to use unlimited prammo you are simply removing the necessity to actually learn about the tanks, where to shoot, when to move to get a better place to shoot etc. IF the actual was limited by load size you could still have the improved pen, but you would STILL have to learn about the tanks simply as the prammo will only provide a limited improvement and not simply an improvement in pen for those who spam money.

Community Forum Software by IP. Gold shells. Do you feel that gold ammo is overpowered? Yes 3 votes [8. I think it should be removed 3 votes [7. Show poll. Thanks for taking the time to read. Edited by shaynew, 08 December - PM. Can you define skill please? Is skill not obtained by playing the game and analyzing it through the sources associated with it?

Isnt the time investment required for building skill determined by socioeconomic status? Can an individual beset by poverty and uncertainty absorb the ingame material at the same rate as a prosperous one? If the notion of skill you so naively put up as the absolute phenomenon is afflicted so severely by unfairness in the first place, how will limiting or eradicating the symptoms are going to cure the disease?

Been accused of using Gold by other players even when I have not, do carry some but only use if necessary which is rare. I dont have any gold ammo what is that? Edited by llo1, 08 December - PM. As soon as some OP premium tanks will be removed or nerfed I will reconsider my answer. For the time being, they are part of the game. Better pen to the cost of lower damage and higher pen loss with distance, more expensive. In most cases they still require aiming. The only tank I play occasionally and face often that has overpowered gold shells is the SUY.

Extra pen and extra damage. Well, as a player of low-pen tanks by preference, I like the ability to use prammo occasionally. Not often, mind, and I've never spent gold on it. Welcome to the forums, and yes it has been discussed to death.

The poll is very clear. Pramo and normal were same damage, just difference of pen power, therefore wallet Wot matchmaking gold ammo could just spam it, and push through the enemies to victory nowadays the credits are no longer an issue, if you play well enough, so anyone has access to large amount of prammo. AP penetration - 23 mm. Hence I do not have it anymore.

Wot matchmaking gold ammo

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